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Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 2011 Wrap Up

Weight Watch: -5.2 pounds
While I'm not entirely thrilled with this number for a full month, I am happy that it's a loss.  I've been doing really well watching my food, tracking everything and staying in control.  I know that it's working as running is becoming easier and my clothes are starting to fit differently.

Mileage Watch:
Run/Walk: 137.54 miles
Bike: 100.00 miles
Elliptical: 2.10 miles
Total Miles: 239.64 miles

I have hit another milestone.  My highest mileage month ever for the second month in a row.  I am thrilled with my miles this month.  Not only have my miles been great, but my speed is improving as well.  I've also done really well with the three minutes run, one minute walk intervals too.  I hope to continue working on these improvements and keep the mileage up.

Goal Review
I completed one event in June -  a 5K.  It was a bit of a rough race since it was on trail and I wasn't prepared for that and I did an 18 mile run the day before, but it was still a great race.  It was no where near a PR, but it was an improvement over other races this year.  So far, I have stuck to my one event per month goal and I should be able to continue that through the end of the year :)!

My run/walk miles were my highest yet, which means I killed the 80-100 run/walk miles per month goal!  I have come so far this year in terms of miles.  I have completed more miles already this year than I completed in all of last year.  I am working on speed and endurance and I think it's been going really well so far.  I don't have any plans on stopping now.

July 2011
I will be doing another 5K in a familiar location which is good because it's going to be hot, even at 6:30am.  I'm excited to see what this race will bring as I am hoping that I can push a little bit more than I have been during races.

The weather is going to make it difficult to get outside much in July.  It's staying in the 90's plus overnight which makes even 4am runs outside difficult to manage.  That's okay though, I have the treadmill and I can push myself there just as well.  Although I know I've got to try to get some miles in outside to get ready for the Disneyland Half.

I am actually feeling better about my diet right now.  I feel like I've gained a bit of ground on my food choices and tracking and I'll continue to work on this.  I would love to see better numbers in terms of pounds lost, but I'm taking it one small goal at a time and I know that every pound will help me get where I want to be.

Beat the heat, stay safe and hydrated and let's see where July can take us!


Chris said...

-5 is awesome! Think about it longer term...if you "only" did -5 for 3 months (which you know, flys by!), you're -15....sounds alot better now, doesn't it! :-) You're doing great, we're very proud of the progress you have made (and a bit jealous of the mileage, wink, wink).

Keep it up with those intervals as well, great job! You'll be running most of these races pretty soon as you see the weight come down and the intervals for run go up!

Great job on the diet as well. I know you struggled a bit trying to figure out what would work for you and it sounds like you're past the entry point to that and really starting to feel like it's the new normal. That's typically when you start seeing greater progress as well. Almost becomes a comepetition in iteslf...not that you're competetive at all...LOL

Keep up the great work!

Rae! said...

Awesome job on the -5!! Mileage mile stones !!! I mean you are busting through those walls!! So inspiring. High 5!!
I am so jealous you are going to Disneyland! Need your bib number please!!

Richard said...

Those early am workouts will wear you down, but numbers like -4 and -5 will definitely motivate you to continue.
Great job!

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