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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Readjusting to the Diet

I have to say that I'm having trouble readjusting my eating back to a more structured schedule and tracked calories.  I know that it's working and I know it's what I need to do - the scale proved that this week, but it isn't easy. 

I've been trying some new combinations of things for breakfast just to get out of a rut and I have to say, that's not working - I have to go back to my previous breakfasts because right now by early morning my stomach is growling.

I'm a stress eater and this week has been stressful making it even harder.  One of my dogs wasn't feeling good Monday night and I ended up getting a migraine that I'm still fighting and work is bananas as always.  Regardless, I am still on track with my food and am doing my best to get some miles in as I can.

It has also occurred to me that my previous calorie intake may not be sufficient any more.  Since I am putting in more miles than I used to I think I need to be more flexible with the calories based on the day's activities.  That's a new twist for me to play with until I find the right combination of things to keep my energy level up, keep me full and not overdo it so I don't lose any weight.

What are your diet pitfalls?  How do you deal with them?  Do you adjust your calorie intake based on your daily activity? 

Leave me a comment and let me know how you maintain your diet, adjust to lose weight or deal with issues you have.


Karen said...

I wish I had great advice for you. Food is my achilles heel... ha ha. I *know* what I should eat and how much but the less healthy foods have a hold over me. I will go months on the wagon and then fall off completely. Some day I will get it together! :)

Chris said...

The thing about food is that it varies from person to person, in that what works for me might not work for you. But you already know that! Sounds like you are trying to do what worked for you a while ago, which is great. I think you have the right idea in that you have to tweak the # of calories to meet your exercise, but also adjust the types of foods to ensure they fill you up. Experiment a bit with it and try not to get discouraged, long term thinking on this one. It's almost like the #'s shouldn't really matter at first (although you WILL see results) just get the mix right for you. Once you get that settled in, the #'s will happen for you without you even thinking about them. Make sure to adjust accordingly as the workout's sway though.

You're a smart cookie and I know can succeed once you hit your stride! Just look at the mileage base you built up, no different than taking the time to do that as you have. :-)

Lorraine said...

I make sure to always eat after a workout. Usually a banana or light yogurt or something light. If it is a hour or longer workout I try to eat a bit more, like fruit and a small snack. I used to wait until I was famished and eat way too much because I felt I worked out so I deserved it, but then I would over do it. The light snack helps me to stay in control of my eating and keeps me on target. It takes time to figure out what works best for you. Good luck and great job on the weight loss.

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