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Sunday, April 24, 2011

2011 Pat's Run

On Saturday, April 16, 2011 I participated in the 2011 4.2 mile Pat's Run benefiting Pat Tillman Foundation (learn more here).  I was supposed to be walking with a friend, but when we got there her back was hurting to much to even walk the distance so I talked her in to heading back to the car and I would meet her there after the race.

This meant I was free to run, walk or whatever I wanted to do during the race.  I decided I'd try to use the run/walk the race and see what happened, but before I get that that a little bit about the new setup at the race.

This is the third year I've participated in this race and previously, it's been one of my favorite events.  It's always been well organized, great post race food and beverages and just a great event overall. 

28,000 - 30,000 people were participating in the event this year.  It was crowded, very, very crowded.  This was the first year that they implemented a corral system...28 corrals to be exact.  Because I signed up as a walker I was in corral 24.  The corrals were jam packed, snaking around a lot of different directions, and difficult to get into.

The corrals were started - once the last person for the previous corral crossed the start line they would start the next corral thirty seconds later.  It meant a lot of standing and waiting and finally snaking around to the start line.

I started doing 2 minute run, 1 minute walk intervals right from the start.  I really haven't done a good job preparing for these events this month and wasn't sure how far I'd make it with this plan, but I decided to give it a go. 

My legs were tight and stiff for the first mile or so, but things started to loosen up and I decided to just keep going.  It was already pretty warm out and the sun was beating down on us and I was already feeling hot.  Since I was going to be walking I didn't bother bringing any water with me.  I was super glad to hit the one mile mark and grab a cup of water - slight problem...by the time I got to the first water stop they were out and I was feeling a bit dehydrated already.  Not a good sign.

I kept up the 2 minute/1 minute intervals and felt really good over all.  I hit mile two and thankfully there was some water so I grabbed a cup and kept on going.  Mile three and another cup of water and I just kept going.  Finally the finish was in sight and I was done.

Overall, I did pretty well.  I kept up the run/walk intervals only taking a couple of extra walk intervals to drink water or to catch my breath when I needed it.  My official chip time was 53:54 which was a 12:50 per mi pace.  While it's not blazing or fantastic, it's better than I've done in quite a while and I can't complain too much.

After the finish, I headed up the stadium stairs to get water and Powerade and head out.  I was blown away by the volume of people there.  It was just so crowded it was almost impossible to deal with.  Thankfully, I was just heading back to the car to head out.


Justin said...

Your pace was fine. Good job. You doing it again next year?

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