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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Am I Still Dopey?

Yes, I am still Dopey! That's right, I registered for the 2012 WDW Family Fun Run 5K and the WDW Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge.

Last year when I made the decision to do the Dopey Challenge I assumed that it would fuel my training for an entire year. If you've followed me, you know that is not the case at all. I slacked and put off training until the very last minute. I was afraid. I was afraid of distances longer than a half marathon. I was afraid I'd injure myself and not be able to do the races at all. I let that fear rule me and my training.

Thank goodness that I woke up in October and realized that I was going to be in a world of hurt during these races. I really applied myself at that point - I knew I wasn't going to be running the races, I was training to walk them. I trained to just get by without going over the 16 minute per mile pace.

Then the days of reckoning were upon me. I was at Walt Disney World. I really wasn't worried about the 5K - I can truly do those in my sleep and knew I wouldn't have trouble completing this race. Next up the half marathon - again no worry here, I've done plenty of half marathons. I know the distance, I can do the distance without worrying. The true test for me was the full marathon - yes, I did the distance in training walks, I knew I could cover the distance, but I was very worried about the timing. That fear consumed me during the whole race - even up to mile 22 when I knew I could do it, I was still worried about not getting that coveted Goofy medal.

Right after the full marathon I wasn't sure I'd ever want to do the Goofy Challenge again. I was hurting...Oh, I was happy, but I was hurting. I would have sworn every bone in my feet broke and I left them out on the course. My legs were beyond jelly - they were dead.

Oddly, later that day after I had an ice bath, a shower and was cleaned up, the thoughts started churning. I want to do this again. I love the feeling of accomplishment I now have for completing this. I love exchanging grins with others that did it too. I love the little envious looks I'd get from people wearing Mickey medals while I was wearing my Goofy. Yeah, I did it. I'm overweight and certainly not in the best shape of my life and I don't look like someone that could finish a 5K let alone adding a half and full marathon, but that made it even sweeter to me.

I came home from these races and instead of slacking off like I did last year, I've applied myself. I've been working hard on my running and walking, I'm trying to get Pilates back in the mix regularly. I've been doing incline workouts on the treadmill and am continuing to bike and use the elliptical. I am not giving up this year. Am I afraid this year - sure, there's still some fear of injury and of disappointing myself, but it's not crippling this year. I'm embracing the fear, I know what lies ahead and instead of hiding, I'm facing it head on.

So, this year when I hit the register now button I still had the excitement and thrill, but I also have determination. I know what it takes now to do this challenge. I know that I have to put in more work. I know that I want to do better. I know that I don't ever want to see those sweepers. I know that the medals will be hard earned and I want to do it with more style. I will succeed again and hopefully with much better times than 2011.

What's your motivation? What are you afraid of? What stops you from reaching your full potential? How can I help motivate you and see you succeed?


Justin said...

Right on! The Goofy is addictive isn't it?

296 days until WDW Marathon Weekend. Keep the intensity up and keep kicking ass with your training. Act like it's October all year long and you'll do great.

This will be my third Goofy, and still, fear of injury and failure scare the heck out of me. I dealt with the prospect of both this January. My back was messed up and I considered not running at all this January. Even though my times were significantly slower this year, I still finished.

Don't let fear of injury stop you. Push yourself and deal with whatever comes up. You'll find a way through.

Nourish said...

I so want to do this race. It's my BHAG - Big Hairy Audacious Goal. I'm thinking of doing the Goofy Challenge for 2012 as well.

Anonymous said...

This blog is AWESOME!!!

Just signed up for the WDW Marathon for 2012. Hope to see you there!

Richard said...

You are so far ahead of where you were last year that I know that you will be able to train with enjoyment instead of fear this time around. I would call you crazy to sign up for Dopey again, but considering what I am doing there are many who can (and some have) say the same about me.

What's your motivation?
to complete my local goal race in front of friends and family

What are you afraid of?
not being able to complete the goal race

What stops you from reaching your full potential?
I do not know, so far every time I think I reach the end of my potential I find that my abilities have increased beyond what they were and that there is still more potential to be realized.

How can I help motivate you and see you succeed?
You are already doing it as one of my biggest supporters and cheerleaders, and that helps more than you may realize! :-)

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