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Monday, January 17, 2011

Dopey Trip Report - January 9, 2011 (WDW Full Marathon Day)

The alarms went off at 2:30am again this morning. It was difficult, but I did manage to get right up. As I got up realized that I was kind of sore from the Half Marathon yesterday. This did not make me confident in the day ahead. I took my shower and then a quick check outside to see how cold it was. It didn't seem super cold so I decided to leave my gloves in the room and got ready to head out.

I closed my room door and started walking down the hall and deja vu - I forgot my Garmin again. I turned around and headed back to get it - at least I didn't get far before I realized it today. I headed to the monorail at about 3:15am. Unlike yesterday there wasn't much of a line to get on the monorail - it was just me and one other person. I was on the way to Epcot by 3:19am and after transferring monorails I made it to Epcot at 3:50am.

Chris and Justin were at the T-V family reunion area so I headed over to wait with them. As we stood there and chatted all three of us had these doubts and bad feelings about the day ahead. Each of us was dealing with pain from the half and weren't sure what to expect during this race.

Finally at 4:30am we headed through bag check to head to the corrals. We were held up again and stood and waiting until they finally let us move toward the corrals.

The three of us parted ways at the port-a-potties right at the entrance to the corrals. I, of course, had to take a quick bio break and after that I headed to Corral H. I walked as far forward as I could in the corral and was standing and waiting at 5:11am. While I was waiting I decided that I would not take any pictures or videos during this race - I was just too worried about keeping my pace and I really wanted to focus on my pace and just finishing.

Finally it was time to get going. There was one set of fireworks at the front and on the bridge by Corral H for the first wave, but the rest of the waves (including H) got fireworks at the start line today! That made me pretty happy.

Honestly, I was hurting before I started. We took off and the self doubt, pain and negative thoughts were creeping in and I wasn't sure how I was going to do this. I just knew that my knees hurt, my feet were tired and I wasn't sure if I was going to be mentally strong enough to make it. Shortly after the first mile there was a woman on the side of the road curled up in a ball and obviously in pain - thankfully medical was only a minute or so behind us. This was sobering - we weren't even two miles in to the race. I really hate to see people hurt on the course.

I was really having to work to figure out a stride that was easy on the knees. It was dark and very cold. Very, very cold. Bad move leaving the gloves in the room. My hands were freezing. The first mile and a half or so was pretty uneventful without a lot going on. The course was pretty quiet and dark and this allowed for those negative self doubt, but it allowed allowed me time to stop the negativity and remember what I was out there doing.

Before long we were heading in to the Epcot parking lot and then in to Epcot. We went through Future World and then a short way around World Showcase before heading out. My Garmin 3 mile time was 45:27 or 15:09 per mile. I was actually on track with where I wanted to be and I was finally starting to get in a rhythm.

Miles 4 and 5 were again uneventful, not necessarily boring, but not exciting either. My official 5 mile time was 1hr 16mins or 15:14 per mile. I was still moving, not as quickly as I would have liked, but not terrible. Miles 3 - 6 on the Garmin I had picked up my pace quite a bit and averaged 14:44 per mile. During this time I was running with Santa - I had seen him at the 5K and the Half and now the Full. Santa was using the run/walk method and I was with him for quite a while before Santa pretty much left me in the dust - the guy can run :)! Just so you know - Santa was an older gentleman with long white hair and beard wearing a white shirt and red shorts and yes, he answered to Santa and waved at people.

I passed mile 6 and took a gel and was headed on to mile 7. There was an overpass and on that overpass I saw the sweepers. There was a couple of people on foot - one with the dreaded balloon, people on bikes and then a whole line of vans. This sight freaked me out big time. They were less than a mile behind me - this was way to close for comfort and I knew I had to pick it up big time. I didn't want to see them again!

My next two mile time on the Garmin was 14:53 per mile. Miles 7 and 8 had some entertainment and characters and up to mile 9 was the stretch heading towards the Contemporary - and the dreaded hill which isn't really that bad if you tell yourself that it's just another piece of pavement to travel over :)!

Some how I totally missed the mile 10 marker all together - so strange that I missed it. My Garmin times for miles 9 and 10 was 14:37 per mile. My official time for 10 miles was 15:07 per mile. Good, I've sped up a bit. Now we're headed through the Ticket and Transportation Center and that means we're headed in to the Magic Kingdom and Main Street!

As I head down Main Street I see Jeff waiting at the end - I cannot tell you how much of a boost I got from seeing him there. It was just awesome! I keep trudging along through the Magic Kingdom - okay, you really can't trudge through the Magic Kingdom - it's energy, excitement, characters and spectators and awesome! As I came through the castle I saw Jeff again and it really kept me moving forward. I see another person that is down right through the castle and I'm sure it's not great since they have a stretcher there and quite a few medics - so sad, what a terrible place to get hurt.

On to mile 11 and we are heading backstage. I take another gel and almost got run over by a bike medic - yikes! I know the next part of the course is going to be less than fun, but I know I can do it. My Garmin time for mile 11 and 12 was 14:10 per mile - wow! I'm past the Grand Floridian and the Polynesian and then I hit the halfway point! My official time for the half was 3hrs 18mins or a pace of 15:08 per mile. That's only 5 minutes slower than my Half time yesterday - I can deal with that! My Garmin mile 13 time was 15:14 per mile.

We were on some back roads now and as I hit mile 14 there are bananas. I eat one just to see if it will help and thankfully it didn't make me sick. My Garmin time for mile 14 was 15:23 per mile. I keep moving and coming up to mile 15 and we're almost to the water treatment plant. There is a water stop at the water treatment plant - what did these poor volunteers do to deserve this punishment of being stuck there all day - I really felt sorry for them. My Garmin time for mile 15 was 15:21 and I took another gel.

Now we're headed in to the Animal kingdom and it's mile 16. I'm hurting and sore but I keep telling myself I can do this. Garmin time for mile 16 was 15:16 per mile. It's getting more difficult to keep this pace. I have to say that I love going through the Animal Kingdom - as we head in backstage there are goats and bunnies from the petting zoo. Backstage there's an elephant in the elephant barn - so cool!

Mile 17 - yes I'm under 10 to go! Heading out of the Animal Kingdom now and my Garmin time is 15:15 for this mile. I grab a wet sponge and use it to wipe my face and neck and I have to say that this just felt great and was a nice little refresher.

Rae, Eric and Jeff are all waiting outside of the Animal Kingdom and I get another huge boost seeing them. They had all kinds of things if I needed anything, but I was good at least for now! I head on to mile 18 and my Garmin time is 15:14 per mile. I was a little slower here as I was chatting with a very talkative guy about the Garmin and his wacky ideas about mile markers. I see Rae, Eric and Jeff drive by - yeah! The SUV behind them however was not so friendly - a lady was holding her Mickey medal out of the window and saying go get yours in a very snarky kind of way....I would have liked to stuff her medal up her nose at that point ;)!

Mile 19 and I take another gel and I've been continually sipping Accelerade and water. The weather has warmed up quite a bit but at least there's a nice cool breeze and I really couldn't have asked for better weather for these races. My Garmin time for mile 19 was 15:20 per mile. I'm feeling tired and it's really tough going at this point! My Garmin battery dies completely at 19.22 - YIKES! I hate technology failures during a race, but I pull out the iPhone and start up RunKeeper so I can at least check once in a while. I am a bit obsessive about my pace and I hate not knowing instantly where I'm at. I start having thoughts of missing the Goofy medal by a couple of seconds per mile and I freak out.

Okay, here comes mile 20. This is where in training I usually hit the wall. I am prepared to fight this today - I will not hit the wall this day. I'm not going to let it happen. My official time at mile 20 is 5hrs 6mins or 15:19 per mile. Wow, I've slowed down quite a bit and this makes me nervous. I try to pick up my pace but I'm finding that very difficult even though I know I only have a 10K left to go.

At mile 20.6 there is a huge screen with cameras and an ESPN announcer. It was really a cool thing and racers seemed to really like it. I did the double thumbs up as I went past. This is at an out and back portion of the course and the only reason I liked it was that I finally got to see how many people were behind me. I was totally amazed at how many there were and I didn't see the sweepers. This gave me a little boost of hope. I was slowing down, I could feel it and I had to consciously keep my stride normal as I wanted to shuffle and it was just awkward and slower.

On to mile 21. I'm still going but man is the going tough right now. I'm up to mile 22 and we're heading in to Hollywood Studios and I take another gel. It was good to have another park at this point because I was spent, so tired and sore. I kept trudging along to mile 23 and there are Jeff, Rae and Eric again - I know I complained about the bones in my feet being broken, man did they hurt. I got an update that Chris and Justin were both done and wearing Goofy medals!

Headed out of Hollywood Studios and on to the Boardwalk. I am under a 5K to go and I always say that I can do a 5K no matter what. Around the Boardwalk we go and we're heading towards Epcot and then it's just the finish line waiting! We head backstage at Epcot and finally on to World Showcase where we pass mile 25. I only have 1.2 miles left and it's tough to keep going. It is fun congratulating all the finishers who are wearing their medals and enjoying the rest of their day. The cast members along here are encouraging and friendly.

I'm past World Showcase and on to Future World and finally I'm headed out of Epcot and there's only .2 miles left. There's the choir singing gospel songs today. Then I see Eric, Rae and Jeff again - I'm getting that finisher's rush now. I am so close to the finish line. I am headed down the finish line chute. I'm so happy - I can't believe it - I've done it! I've really done it. I high five Mickey and Minnie as I cross the finish line. I really did it - I did the Dopey Challenge - all three races!!!!

I continue on to get my generic mylar blanket and then I get my Mickey medal - oh wow. I just finished my first full marathon - I'm a marathon finisher. Next I head to get my Goofy medal - I find this really odd because no one verifies my times or who I am or if I deserve this medal. I'm just given my Goofy medal - it was sort of unceremonial and I kind of wish they would have checked my times to make sure I officially did it :)!

I finally turned off RunKeeper and saw that my average pace for the last 7.52 miles was 15:23. My official time was 6:42:52 with a pace of 15:21 per mile. Slower than I wanted but within the time limit so I'm happy. I stopped to get my Goofy finisher's photo and made the mistake of setting my stuff on the ground. When I bent to pick it back up - OUCH - now that's some all over pain right there! I went ahead and got a marathon finisher's photo too - this time I let them hold my stuff for me :)! Next stop refreshments - they were trying to get me to take three or four of everything, obviously they were trying to get rid of things since it was close to the end. I took a muffin (I threw away), a banana (I threw away, it was bruised), an orange, a water and two PowerAdes. It was hard to carry everything.

It was getting hard to move. Man was I in some pain. I met up with Jeff, Rae and Eric and got hugs all around. I still can't thank them enough for following me around - it meant a lot to me and it was such a boost to see familiar faces in the crowds! I needed to keep walking, I was moving very slowly, but moving was better than standing still. Chris was on the way over to meet up with us so we slowly walked toward the monorail station to meet him. It was so awesome to see him with a Goofy medal around his neck - YEAH Chris!!! I was so glad to hear he had such a good race and that his calf didn't bother him during the race. We all stood and talked for a bit and Chris and I were welcomed in to the Goofy and Dopey club by a guy that had finished said races previously - that was very cool to me.

Finally it was time for me to head back to the resort, which meant I head to head up the monorail ramp. It was about 12:46pm when I finished and I got back to my room at 2:12. It was straight in to an ice bath for me. Love my ice baths. I decided against compression socks today because I wanted to let my legs swell freely until bedtime. After the ice bath I washed the stink off (most of it I hope) with a nice shower and then I got ready to head out.

I was still pretty darn sore and standing still was the worst. At 3:30pm I left my room and headed to the monorail when I ran in to Jonathan, Amber, Mom and Elizabeth. They congratulated me and we headed our separate ways. It was funny as I was headed in to the tower a man was holding the door open and he was wearing his marathon medal. He'd let quite a few people go through and I was like you can come on in you've stood there long enough and congratulations. He said oh no, you come through I am totally not worthy and congrats on the Goofy. That was fun!

After an uneventful monorail ride (I did see two armadillos, a turkey and a deer on the way) I was in Epcot right after 4pm. I sent a text to Chris and Rae to see where they were. I was almost to World Showcase when Rae said they were on the monorail and headed to the Magic Kingdom. I was like okay, have fun, I didn't expect them to change their plans, but they got off the monorail and came back in Epcot and we met up by the Leave a Legacy area. Then Chris came and met us too.

I was still feeling best while moving so we kept chatting and walking. It was great catching up with each other and just spending some time discussing things. We headed to Canada and it was just fun to be with people and enjoy wearing those medals :)! We got a hold of Justin and dinner at Le Cellier was on. We all walked a bit longer and a little after 5pm Rae and Eric headed off to find some food. It was so great to see them and I was so grateful for the support during the races - it made such a huge difference. It always sucks to say goodbye, but hopefully it won't be for too long this time :)!

Chris and I headed to Mexico and Chris grabbed a margarita and we chatted with some ladies about doing the Goofy Challenge. We headed over to Norway to meet up with Justin, Jordan and Stan. Okay, we see them and there's Justin wearing all four of his medals. Why are you wearing all four - to be obnoxious - mission accomplished Justin, mission accomplished. We couldn't lose him if we tried since he clanged with every movement :). We had to head to Morocco because Justin was searching for a fez - which he ended up not getting. Lots of congratulations and race talk with people - I do love that part of the after race days.

We all made our way over to Canada to check in for dinner. It was only a few minutes before we were seated. I really enjoyed this meal - I only had a PowerBar after the race and I was starving. We all had a good time talking and laughing. I will say that Justin and I almost flipped the table over as we got up - oops!

Next we headed over to France to wait for Illuminations. We ended up walking closer to the Port of Entry store so we could make our escape more quickly afterwards. The show was almost over and Chris and I decided to head out to get back to our resorts without having to wait forever for transportation...and honestly - I was tired. At the front of Epcot Chris and I headed our separate ways. Since Chris was leaving the next morning I thanked him for helping me get through these races!!!

I was on my way "home" by 9:21pm and I stopped to get some drinks when I got back. It was 10:02pm when I made it back to my room. It had been a long, grueling and very rewarding day. I took a little while to relax and put the compression socks on. By 11:30pm I was done - lights out, time to sleep!

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED - 3 OUT OF 3 RACES COMPLETED AND 4 NEW MEDALS EARNED! Oh yeah, did I mention I finished my very first full marathon too?


Jonathan "The Voice" said...

I don't remember if I said it in the swirling vortex wind tunnel connecting BLT to the Contemporary - but I'm so so so totally proud of you Amanda. And super inspired by you. We kept watching as we walked EPCOT and saw finishers - hoping we'd see you!!!

Kelly said...

Awesome recap! I'm considering the Goofy for next year and I loved reading about your experience. I just ran my first half marathon for Disney's Wine and Dine last October.


Rae! said...

YAY!!!! We are marathoners!!! How cool is that!!

We would have seen you off that morning but Eric had such a bad time, I let him sleep in.

You did not slow down much in the full. Very consistent.

I am so glad we could be there for you. You were there for us last year, and with Eric hitting the wall and all he perked up everytime he saw you,and Jeff. I totally understand the what it means to have support.

My coach say I can totally do the Goofy. I want to, but I am worried that they are going to raise the price again. They raised the price of the Princess! We will see...
Even though he hasn't busted my butt to hard yet. We are in training mode called training to hard better.

You earn it!! I am so proud of you! I was in tears when I saw you turn the corner coming to the finish!!
Maybe we can find a race in the middle somewhere in the middle, have a girls weekend.

Rae! said...

Wait that's not right! I haven't had a cup of coffee yet.
Training to train hard. Anyway....

MikeF. said...

Man Amanda you earned those 4 medals! I am really proud and inspired by what you have just accomplished! but you better not rest on just that! KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

Richard said...

Personally I think those early miles of the marathon can put you in a deep, dark mental place after being tired from the half the day before. Congratulations on a great day and a fantastic achievement--you take now take being called Goofy or Dopey with pride!


Chris said...

You forgot to mention the crazy emotional rush after you finished ;-) Hey, I know I felt it and sure you did as well!

You did outstanding as I kept telling you that you would leading up to this. All that rear end busting work through October, November, and December is really what got you there, the race was more of a formality. I really hope everyone learns that lesson from you as you are a shining example of it!

It was an honor to share in your Dopey experience, you and Justin are nuts for adding in that 5k! LOL

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