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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dopey Trip Report - January 8, 2011 (WDW Half Marathon Day)

The blaring of alarms woke me up at 2:30am. It was early and I was tired, but I got up and hopped in the shower. Then it was time to gear up and get ready to head out. I ate my PowerBar and headed out to the monorail at 3:20am.

Jeff and Deb showed up and I realized that I left my Garmin in the room. Crud! I ran back to fetch it and met up with Jeff, Deb, Jonathan and Elaine a few minutes later. We all headed up the escalator and joined the short line to get on the monorail.

Lucky for us the monorail was just pulling in and we all hopped on and we were on our way to the Ticket and Transportation Center where we transferred to the Epcot monorail. It was about 3:49am when we arrived and there were a lot of people streaming in from the buses.

We met up with Chris and Justin in the family reunion area and at 4:35am we split up and headed towards the corrals. The odd thing was - we didn't get very far. They were holding the participants just past the bag check area. It was kind of odd and it felt like we were waiting for a very long time, but finally we were allowed to move on towards the corrals.

We all stopped at a line of port-a-potties for a quick bio break and then we continued on to the corrals. It was about 4:50am at this point. Jonathan and Elaine headed to Corral G and Jeff, Deb and I headed in to Corral H and it was about 5:03am when we made our way to the front of the corral.

This made for a very long wait. We were wave 8 - the last wave. They had a lot of activities to pass the time. The Today show crew (minus Matt) were running the race, they were kicking off a simultaneous half marathon in Iraq at the same time and had some emotional speakers and the usual music and fanfare. When the first four waves were sent on their way they all got a lot of fireworks and it was very exciting.

I've seen and heard a lot of things at these races...It comes with the territory. This is one that was new to me. A girl in front of us turned and asked me if I would tighten her bra straps because she couldn't reach them. Umm.....what the heck do you say to that? Well, I said okay....She proceeded to hike her shirt up and I tightened her straps for her. Let's just say I hope that never happens again - very awkward!

As wave 5 was sent on their way - guess what....No fireworks - bummer for those of us that are slower. Finally it was time for us to move forward and get ready to go. Our wave finally started around 6:25am - yes, we had to wait around that long!

The race is on - the fire was shooting up over the start line (no fireworks of course) and the heat felt pretty good, but it was time to get moving. I lost Deb and Jeff within the first .25 mile. I kept looking for them, but I knew I had to conserve energy as I had a full marathon to deal with the next day.

I felt like I was keeping a pretty solid and consistent pace through miles 1, 2 and 3 and I was feeling pretty good. There were a lot of people, characters and fun stuff to wonder at as I went along. My official 5K time was 45:42, which was a 14:42 pace. I felt like I had a pretty nice rhythm going and it felt pretty good.

I met up with Jonathan somewhere around 3.3 miles. He looked like he was having some trouble with side stitches again and was in some pain. I didn't think he was moving as quickly as he needed to be. We chatted for a couple of minutes and I told him to keep going because he could do it. We parted ways and I was back on my pace and moving forward.

Up ahead was the Contemporary hill and finally the Ticket and Transportation Center. Then it was time to head in to the Magic Kingdom. My favorite part of the race hands down! As I made it to the end of Main Street I saw Rae and Eric. I said hi as I continued on - it was so great to see some friendly faces there! There is just nothing better than going through the Magic Kingdom, the energy is amazing, there are a ton of characters and spectators and it really gives you a boost.

I hit the 10K mark and my official time was 1:31:33 which was a pace of 14:43. I was staying pretty consistent with my pace which was pretty good. Finally we headed out of the Magic Kingdom and were on to the Grand Floridian stretch, which is not the most exciting part of the course, but it wasn't so terrible today.

As I passed mile 9 all the racers had to clear to the sides of the road. Two cop cars, one firetruck, two more cop cars, an ambulance, a cop suv and several bicycle medics came right through the runners on the road. That's never a good sign on a race course. I continued on and as I neared mile 10 all the racers had to slow to almost a stop as all the emergency vehicles were pulling out. Apparently a racer collapsed there at mile 10 - I hope he/she is okay.

My 15K official time was 2:17:28 which was a pace of 14:44. Once I knew I only had a 5K left to go I kept pushing and doing the best I could. Just after mile 12 I saw Rae and Eric again and I was almost done.

I was headed in to Epcot now. Again, I love going through the parks. There's just so much support and as we headed out of the park there was a woman holding a sign that I absolutely loved. It said, "Hello complete stranger, I am proud of you too!" I think that's the best sign I've ever seen and so cool.

I'm out of the park now and there's the choir singing. Odd, they are singing We Will Rock You - not the typical gospel songs. Still very cool! I see Rae and Eric again and I'm jogging since I'm almost done and I just got caught up.

As I crossed the finish line I high fived Mickey and Minnie. I love that! I headed through and got a mylar blanket (which I noticed has been genericized), then I got my medal. Apparently, my medal volunteer wasn't very in to his job as he didn't put it over my head, he just sort of stuffed it in my hand - so weird. I continued on and one of the medical volunteers said - you're doing the Goofy right? Go get ice and Tylenol now....Ummm, thanks for the advice, but I'm good I'll ice bath at the resort and I don't need Tylenol...It was a nice thought, but I didn't totally kill myself in the half. I was worried that I left too much of myself out there, but I didn't push that hard.

My official finish time was 3:13:16 which was a pace of 14:44. I was very consistent in terms of pacing during this race and while I didn't meet my goal of 3hrs, I can't really complain with 3:13 as I knew that 3hrs would have been pushing harder than I should have. I do know I gave a bit more of myself than I wanted to and that worried me for the full the next day.

I went and got my finisher's photo and then I met up with Rae, Eric, Jeff, Deb, Stacy and Emily. We chatted for a few minutes and then we parted ways again. Rae and Eric headed off and the rest of us headed to the monorail. It was about 10:08am and it took me until 10:52 to get back to my room.

Once I got back I did an ice bath, which I know will help me for tomorrow. Then I took a shower to get rid of the stink and got ready to head out. At 12:20pm I headed out and walked over to the Magic Kingdom. I was in the park by 12:36pm and I met up with Rae and Eric and then we found Chris. I really just felt like walking and we headed towards the Haunted Mansion but the line was ridiculous so we ended up going on Pirates instead.

After Pirates it was time to head to Aloha Isle for the Team Voice Dole Whip Meet! I wasn't sure what to think when Jonathan showed up wearing a medal - we knew he had been swept at mile 10 which was a real shame. I guess I just don't understand how a non-finisher is given a finisher's medal...It's a bit of a problem to me. We all had Dole Whips or Dole Whip Floats and Justin, Stan and Jordan showed up as well. It was nice chatting with everyone!

Finally Chris and I decided to head back to the expo to see if there was anything we missed the first time around. We headed towards the front of the park with Rae and Eric, chatted for a little while longer and then parted ways. Chris and I walked to the Contemporary to catch a bus to the expo. While on the bus there were 8 turkeys that stopped traffic as they walked across the road in front of us.

When we got to the expo it was amazing - there was pretty much nothing left. The contrast between Thursday and today was unreal - the cast members were saying that it was unbelievable how much stuff they sold over the several days. I guess I know now why I like to go on the first day :)!

Chris was having an issue with his calf so we signed him up for a free KT taping and we headed to the cafe to grab some dinner while we waited. I had penne pasta with chicken and alfredo sauce - it wasn't great by any stretch of the imagination, but it did fill me up and had carbs and protein so I was satisfied.

We headed back in to the expo. Chris found some compression socks and instead of waiting he ended up buying some KT tape to try. After that it was time to head out and we parted ways at the buses.

I was on the bus at 5:45pm and back in my room by 6:15pm. I spent some time getting my gear laid out for the full marathon, got my water and Accelerade ready and made sure everything was set. I was getting pretty nervous about the full marathon and I knew it was going to be a huge challenge. I just hope that I can meet that challenge. My legs are tired and I'm a bit worried about my pacing. I just have to believe and do my best!

Tomorrow the Full Marathon!


Chris said...

Attention to detail girl! Totally forgot about the turkeys! And KT Tape...good times, good times :-). You also forgot to mention my incessant whining...LOL

LauraElaine said...

Great job!!!

Richard said...

Great report, it sounds like you had a fantastic day!

Justin said...

Did it seem like there were two different gospel choirs this year? For the half it seemed like a bunch of high schoolers. For the full marathon on Sunday it looked like the real gospel choir.

Both were fine, but the group on Saturday seemed really young.

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