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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dopey Trip Report - January 7, 2011 (Buzz and Woody Best Friends 5K day)

The alarms went off at 4:30am this morning and I got right up. A quick shower and then it was time to get ready for the Buzz and Woody Best Friends 5K! A quick check outside told me that today would be a long sleeve shirt with a short sleeve shirt over it, long running tights and gloves sort of day.

I headed out to find the bus at 4:53am and I was on the bus within a couple of minutes of leaving the room. At least the bus was warm. There were only 6 of us on the bus when it pulled away from the Contemporary and headed towards Epcot. The bus dropped us off just after 5:15am.

Okay, I'm here plenty early today. In order to stay warm I just kept walking back and forth, back and forth - thankfully it was a nice long distance from one place to another. If I stopped that's when I found out just how chilly it was - it was chilly, but not so cold that it made you shiver or anything like that.

The crowds were pretty light until about 5:45am and then it started to get crowded. Buzz and Woody were out for photos and the line was manageable for a while and then the line grew and grew until it was almost 200 people long - maybe even longer...CRAZY!

Finally at 6:23am I headed in to the corral area. They were actually standing there checking every one's bibs before letting them in the corral - that's first for a 5K at Disney :)! I decided to line up at the 13:01 to 15 minute per mile pace area. The only good thing with us all gathering in the corral area is that all those people helped keep me warm!

It's getting close to race time now. One of the male principles for Voices of Liberty sang the National Anthem (he will be doing the same for all three races). At 7am the fireworks went off and 5500 5K participants were on their way!

I started out at a really light jog, but then I caught myself and slowed down to a walk. Ummm - yeah, two more races after this one does not mean that I should go all out in race number 1. The first mile of the course isn't very exciting - it's mostly parking lot and then you finally start heading backstage at Epcot. My first mile was a nice slow 15:21 and it felt pretty good.

Walking was the order of the day for mile two as well. As we headed in to World Showcase and came up to China, Mulan was available for pictures. I did see Minnie and Chip and Dale at Japan, but they weren't available to take photos. Then Pinocchio and Gepetto were out, but again not available for photos. Honestly - that's it. I didn't see any other characters on the course - this is very unusual as there are usually a lot of characters out for the 5K and I don't like that there weren't more.

I finished the second mile at 15 minutes per mile. I continued on to mile three and a little bit in to the mile I just started jogging. It felt so good to jog that I just kept going along. Backstage there was a cast member yelling, "Continue standing, continue moving and please keep your hands, arms, feet and legs inside the parks at all times."

We headed around Future World and then headed out of the park. My third mile was at 13:54 per mile. I just kept the jog going all the way to the finish and it just felt good to end race one feeling good.

Next up - a nice rubber medal :). I joined the crowd to get my medal and then got in line to get my finisher's photo. After my photo I grabbed water, a food bag and headed for the bus.

Well, this is fun - 15 minutes and finally they called a spare bus for the Contemporary. Sherry was our driver and she was a hoot. She had this great attitude, full of jokes, fun and chatter. She had no idea where to drop us off at the Contemporary so she took us right to the valet drop off area - sweet :)!

I was back in my room by 8:45am. I grabbed a quick bite to eat for breakfast and decided to take a shower and nap. I think I'll head to Hollywood Studios later.

It felt good to relax and snooze for a nice long time. I did finally head out at about 2pm to catch a bus to Hollywood Studios. It was a chilly, no check that, COLD fifteen minute wait for the bus. I did finally make it to Hollywood Studios at 2:40pm. I decided that the Great Movie Ride was up first and it was a walk on - yeah. Today was the Western scene - the cowboy was really over the top, but not in a good way.

I met up with Chris, Justin, Jordan and Stan. We headed towards the Backlot Tour and got in line at 3:45pm. The tour is just okay these days and since I hadn't done it in quite a while it was a good time. Chris and I parted ways at 4:40pm and headed to Mama Melrose.

Shortly after getting to Mama Melrose Jeff, Emily, Deb and Stacy met us and we went in for dinner. It was a nice relaxing dinner. The food was good, maybe not quite as good as last year, but still good. The company was great and it felt good to have a nice meal and chat.

After dinner it was about 6pm. Chris and I decided to head out to our respective buses. My bus was just pulling up so it was pretty perfect timing. I was back at the Contemporary just after 6:30pm. I headed to the shops to see if I could find a lanyard for my phone, but didn't find anything I really liked so I decided to just do what I've been doing. I bought some water and Vitamin Water Zero and was back in my room by 7pm.

I spent time getting my gear together for the Half Marathon in the morning. As usual I set all my gear out, put my bib on my shirt, got my water and Accelerade ready to go and everything was set. I got some work done and finally at about 9pm I decided that I needed some sleep. I had a feeling that the 2:30am alarms were going to come way to quickly.

ONE DOWN TWO TO GO!!! Looking forward to the Half Marathon tomorrow!


Richard said...

Sounds like a great time.

LauraElaine said...

Great job!

Bethany + Ryan said...

cool, sounds fun. i've never done the 5k before but i may do it next year with my parents, we'll see. hmm, i didn't know there were 114 perfectly Goofy people, last year there were 193 i think ,that's quite the drop off. guess the number will get a little smaller each year. looking forward to reading your recap from the half and full!

Rae! said...

See we missed all the fun with everyone before the races. I still had a blast.
Thank goodness it wasn't as cold as last year.

-Chris said...

Yeah, it sounds like a good time was had at WDW. We definitely had a blast while there. Had a Casey's hotdog, which I've never tried before. Not my kind of food really, but it wasn't bad. Dropped entirely too much $$ while there, that's for sure. :)

Looking for the race report for the 1/2--

Good job on leg 1 of the journey :)

Chris said...

I tell ya, Friday was probably the most enjoyable day for me. No running, hanging in my favorite park, good meal with Team Voicers...doesn't get much better than that. Hopefully our party of 15 for dinner won't be a party of 6 next time, lol.

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