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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dopey Trip Report - January 6, 2011

I set the alarms for 6am, but I lazed around until 6:50am. I got up and got ready to head out for a quick run to loosen up the legs. I was out the door by 7:00am and headed down to walk around Bay Lake Tower first, then I headed over to the Magic Kingdom and ran by the entrance and down the path by the boat docks to the end and back. It was a nice 2.16mi jog and it felt good to get the blood flowing and the legs moving. It was cloudy and a little drizzly, but the temperature was quite nice, not too hot, not too cold.

I took my time having breakfast and getting ready to head out. At 9:10am I headed downstairs to meet up with Jonathan and crew to find the bus to the Expo. We found the buses and by 9:35am we were headed to ESPN Wide World of Sports. We headed straight in to the Milk House to do our packet pickup. I headed one way while Jonathan headed the other.

Both of my packet pickup locations were upstairs so I headed up the stairs. First up was the 5K packet pickup. I hopped in line and within 5 minutes I had my goody bag, bib, shirt and pin. It was super quick and easy and that was nice for a change.

I headed across the way to the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge packet pickup. It was a little confusing as you go based on bib number, but they don't say which bib number - I guessed the first number and was right. I walked right up and got my bibs, voucher for the Monday free park day and again all my pins. It was another quick and painless packet pickup.

The D-Tag check was downstairs so I headed down that way. As I entered the floor there was the Disney merchandise area and I headed towards there and ran in to Jeff. He introduced me to his wife and friends and we looked around a little bit. I ended up not purchasing anything here thinking I'd purchase things at the Expo instead. There were some great new shirts and stuff though and I was excited. I headed over to check and make sure my D-Tags both work and yeah - they do.

Next up, goody bags and shirts. I headed over to the Josten's Center with Jeff and crew. We stopped for a quick look at the Disney medals - oh boy, I hope I get them all :)! I headed over towards the Goofy shirt pickup and along the way I asked a cast member about exchange shirts for a different size. He said I could try at the information booth at the Milk House - weird, but okay. I got in line and got my goody bag stuffed with three shirts - wow! I asked again and was given a little tag with instructions to go back to the Milk House and try to exchange shirts - do I really want to do that?

There was another Disney Merchandise area at the Expo and there was more merchandise here. I took my time looking around and picked up two shirts - one Goofy Challenge long sleeve shirt and one Runner by Day Park Hopper by Night shirt. I found half and full key chains, a Bondi band and ended up getting the half and full vinylmation 3" figures. The line was pretty short when I got in there, but was pretty long by the time I got in line. It wasn't too bad though and there was lots of good conversation to be had. Of course, my wallet was decidedly lighter at the end of this little jaunt.

Jeff and crew, and I headed out and parted ways. I headed back over to the Milk House to see about shirt exchange and it took just a couple of minutes to change the shirts to the size I wanted. That made me pretty happy - I was glad that I took the time to check. I also checked the Disney merchandise again looking for a few other Goofy items that they apparently don't have. By the time I was done with the Expo I was really warm.

After that I headed out to the bus and headed back to the Contemporary. There was lots of good conversation again. A couple with their little boy and a woman who just started running at 48 is doing her first 5K - I love these conversations. So much fun and you meet such great people.

Back in the room I grabbed some snacks for lunch, checked in with work, journaled a bit and just relaxed. I started a text conversation with Chris to see what was going on and I decided to go to Animal Kingdom to meet up with him. Good golly, the temperature has dropped substantially. It was cold and windy out - should have headed back up to get my coat, but figured I'd tough it out.

Once at Animal Kingdom, I met up with Chris in front of Expedition Everest (after I took the long way around the park). We got in line and chatting while waiting and finally rode - such a great roller coaster. The parade was getting ready to start and we headed over to Kilimanjaro Safaris and walked right on. Last up was Dinosaur - whew!

It was almost 5pm (park closing) and we headed out to catch a bus over to the Wilderness Lodge. I figured I'd head over and then catch a boat to the Magic Kingdom since the ADR was for 8 and there were already 8 people showing up, but when we got there Chris checked with the restaurant and they said it wouldn't be a problem to add one more to the ADR. Cool, I now had dinner plans :)!

Chris and I sat and chatted and before long Jeff and crew showed up and shortly after them Justin and crew showed up. We all had some good conversation and finally it was time to head in for dinner. We were all seated and our server came over - she only had 8 people listed and they said we were on the dining plan (none of us are)...She was a bit confused, but once it was straightened out she settled in and we had a great time.

Our waitress had a lot of fun with take one and pass it down with things, tiny water glasses and the usual Whispering Canyon fun. Stan (Justin's friend) was wearing his birthday button and at the end of the meal he was given a cupcake, we all sang happy birthday, he blew out the candle and the waitress took the candle out and stuck it in Stan's mouth and took the cupcake and started eating it herself...It was truly priceless - so funny. She did bring him another cupcake though - the whole table was roaring with laughter. It was a great meal with good company.

We headed out to the boats after dinner and it was so incredibly cold with a bitter wind. The boat arrived, we took it over to Fort Wilderness and finally over to the Contemporary. Everyone parted ways again and within a few minutes I was back in my room.

I now have my gear ready to go for the race in the morning and I need to get some sleep!


Richard said...

Awesome report, I feel like I am missing out all over again. Sounds like a great time.

Rae! said...

Sounds wonderful. I wish I was there.

Chris said...

Yeah, that boat ride was coooold....shorts and tshirt probably were not the right call :-).

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