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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dopey Trip Report - January 5, 2011

I made it safe and sound to Orlando. The flight was uneventful, except for the bumping along the whole way. Nothing bad just some turbulence.

Once in Orlando I managed to get my luggage and make my way to Disney's Magical Express.

On the bus there was a very nice woman in the front that asked if I was running in any of the events. There were four or five of us that had a great conversation about what to expect in the races, all the support you get, etc...It really made me realize just where I was and what I was in for and I can't wait.

Then right before we were heading out, I turned around and who was sitting in the row right behind mine on the other side of the bus? Jonathan, Amber, Elizabeth and Jonathan's Mom! I had to say - hey, I think I know you :)! What a nice surprise to see Jonathan and finally meet Amber and Elizabeth and Jonathan's Mom! This made for a nice bus ride as we made our first stop at Wilderness Lodge and then on to the Contemporary.

I was able to go right up to the desk, actually right to the concierge. Bobby helped get my packet and make sure everything was in order since I had already done the online check in. I was done and on my way over to Bay Lake Tower within three-four minutes. It was a short walk over and up to my room.

Bay Lake Tower is my home resort, but I had never even seen the model rooms...I was very excited as I opened the door to my room and stepped in for the first time. Wow - I am in love with this room. It's (0f course) very contemporary and very nice. I am very impressed by the studio and really like it a lot. I have a theme park view room, but I don't really get to see much of the theme park unless I go out on the balcony. I have a perfect view of the monorail going in to the Contemporary and I am on the same level as the walkway so I have a good view of that as well. Not the best view I've ever had, but still pretty nice.

I settled in my room, unpacked and just checked the room out for a little while. Then I headed over to get some water and dinner from Contempo Cafe. I grabbed a burger (I know, not very healthy) and headed back to my room to unwind. I had a nice dinner, have watched some TV and checked in with work.

It's about time for bed now. I may try to get a couple miles in tomorrow just to loosen up the legs and look around a bit and then I'll be heading to the Expo first thing to get all my packets picked up!


Richard said...

I think it is just fine to go "off diet" at WDW, so have a great time.

Rae! said...

I am glad you had a safe trip and I wish we could be there to see you off in the 5k. But we will see you Friday afternoon! Glad your here!!
Don't worry about eating that burger!
See you real soon!

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