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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dopey Trip Report - January 13, 2011 (Last Day)

I did not have a good night at all. The sore throat was in full force and very achy and my darn right big toe kept waking me up. It kept hurting and I really can't explain what the heck that was all about. All of this equalled very little sleep for me.

I got up at 8:45am and had breakfast, did more cleaning and packing and watched TV for a little while. I wasn't feeling great so I crawled back in bed at 10:30am and took a nap until noon. Then I got up, took a shower and got ready to head out.

It was almost 1pm when I finally made it out the door. I walked over to the Magic Kingdom. It was chilly out, but not too bad and it actually felt pretty good to me. I was hit up for a quick survey as I entered the park - no big deal. Looks like I'll be getting an email survey when I get home.

I headed straight for the Haunted Mansion. It was listed as a 20 minute wait, but it was really more like a 5 minute wait. I swear I have the worst luck - I am surrounded by gum smackers, loud talkers and pushy people - UGH! I guess this is when I realized I must be getting sick as people are already starting to annoy me. Regardless, I enjoyed my ride on the Haunted Mansion and maybe, just maybe one of those ghosts will actually follow me home - how cool would that be?

Next up - Pirates. There was virtually no wait for this one. Four older gentlemen were in the row in front of me and one of the men had such a difficult time getting in the boat and it just broke me heart. It very much reminded me of the last time my Dad got to ride Pirates - very rough! I still had a great time pillaging and plundering and digging for gold :)! As we were getting out of the boat, the older man was having trouble and I offered him and extra hand and helped him out. This made me smile - I love doing things like that.

Donald - what did you do now? I headed over to Mickey's Philharmagic and it was a full theater. I haven't been in a full theater in quite a while. I love this 3D, for me this is the best 3D I've seen. I love watching all the kids trying to grab things in here.

I headed over to see a great big beautiful tomorrow at the Carousel of Progress. Rover wagged his tail in greeting and we all sang along (in our heads of course). On my way in to the theater I did check to make sure I was checked in for my flight home in the morning - yep, all checked in.

Next up the Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover - that's a mouth full. It was a little brisk in terms of the weather but I bundled up and enjoyed a nice little ride around Tomorrowland!

As I walked along, Stitch was just letting people in so I jumped in. Darn it, the little monster escaped to Earth! Yes, I like the previous version of this attraction way more, but I don't mind this one. The audio-animatronic Stitch is pretty darn amazing if you watch it - very fluid movement.

Those darn ghosts were preparing for a party and I just had to go back. I hung back in the stretching room so I could listen to the gargoyles laugh and whisper. The haunts still seemed awfully happy here and I have my doubts that any of them would actually like to leave and come back to AZ to live with me, but I keep trying.

Then, the scalawags were tormenting me again, so I had to go back and see what havoc they were causing now. Did anyone else notice some changes in the fire scene? It seems like there were some different things in terms of the background scenes - a chair and table in the burning second floor, some new items being held by the pirate trying to get in the boat, things like that...I was stuck in a row with other people this time, but no big deal. I thoroughly enjoyed my ride with the Pirates.

As I was walking by, I noticed that Jungle Cruise was only a ten minute wait so I hopped in this line. Wow, this was a quiet boat - I think it was because 90% of the passengers were from Brazil and they really didn't understand what was being said.

It was 4:40pm and I was tired. I decided to shop around the Emporium for a bit and then headed toward the exit. I was stopped by another survey person and answered quite a few questions this time - it was mostly about what I did, what I saw, did I like it, would I recommend it to someone else, etc...

I walked back to the Contemporary, headed to the Contempo Cafe to grab a sandwich for dinner. I was back in my room by 5:30pm. I ate some dinner, did some work, packed a few more things and relaxed for a bit.

At 8pm I stood out on the balcony and shot a video of Wishes. I enjoyed the fireworks, they are gorgeous and it was really a great way to end my last day!


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