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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dopey Trip Report - January 11, 2011

Took it nice and slow this morning since there were no alarms. I got up and moving around 9:40am, had breakfast, cleaned the room, took a shower and got ready to head out for the day. I noticed pretty quickly that I was not near as sore today as I was yesterday - yeah recovery! I can finally get up and down without any real pain and my back is totally pain free.

I finally headed out at 11:13am and caught the bus to Hollywood Studios and I was in the park by 11:48am. First up was the Tower of Terror - there was a 20 minute wait posted, but it was a walk on! Love the ride, had a great drop sequence that seemed like it was never going to end.

Toy Story Mania was calling my name and I noticed that it was actually getting pretty warm outside as I headed that way. I jumped in the standby line as it was a half hour wait and I like the queue here. I did find it entertaining when a cast member came out and put Mr. Potato Head's ear back on. The posted wait was about right as from entry to exit was about 43 minutes total. Wow am I out of practice and this was the first time that I've seen the scenes that they changed to the Toy Story 3 (which I still haven't watched) characters. I ended up with a cat and 155,700 points.

I headed over to Muppet Vision 3D, again this was the first time I'd seen it since they spruced up the film and it was so much cleared and nicer. Don't you find it odd at the end when Sweetums is on screen and he's live in the theater? Odd.

Everyone is always raving about the carrot cake cookie from Writer's Stop, so I figured I'd have to try one. I headed over and bought one then found a nice quiet bench to sit down and enjoy it. Honestly, I love carrot cake but I was wanting more of a cookie texture than cake. It wasn't that it was bad, but it was just two slices of carrot cake cooked in the shape of a cookie with cream cheese frosting in between them to make a cookie sandwich. It was good, but I wouldn't rush back to get it again anytime soon.

I headed over to the Great Movie Ride. The gangster scene this time and the gangster was a real unbelievable woman. That's okay, I still like the ride. Still would like to see some updates done though :)!

It was about 3pm and I did some shopping and then headed out of the park. I caught the bus to the Contemporary and then ended up on a standing room only bus to Downtown Disney. On the way to Downtown Disney, the armadillos were everywhere, I counted seven of the little critters, each one all alone chowing on whatever they like to eat :)! It's tough to miss conversations while standing side by side with people and this very young couple was having a deep conversation - let's just say I wanted to tell the guy to run and not look back, give her up as a bad job - YIKES!

I did some shopping in World of Disney and I got out of there really cheap - maybe I shouldn't complain about the homogenization of the merchandise as it does save me a lot of money. Of course I had to stop at a few other stores to purchase some things and finally it was time to think about dinner.

Earl of Sandwich was calling to me. I love a good sandwich, so I stopped in to get a sandwich to take back to the resort for dinner. It was 6pm when I hit the bus stop and I had the bus all to myself all the way back to the resort! I got back, dropped my stuff in my room and headed to the market to grab some chips and water. I was back in my room just before 7pm.

I enjoyed my sandwich and then logged in to do some work - okay, a lot of work. Then I caught up with my journaling and then it was time for a little TV and relaxation before bed.


MikeF. said...

Always found the Sweetums at the end in 2 places a little strange. Must have been a pretty interesting conversation on that bus. I too have heard about how great those cookies are, but never bothered to try it. Hope all is well.

Rae! said...

E probably would love that carrot cake cookie. Me not so much. Sounded like you had a nice day.

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