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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dopey Trip Report - January 10, 2011 (The Aftermath)

No alarms today. I did sent a text to Justin to let him know I wasn't going to make breakfast at Kona Cafe - I wanted to, but I was tired and not moving very quickly this morning. I snoozed off and on until 8:42am and it felt good after the long race days. I sat and lounged around until after 11am. I was taking time to journal my thoughts on the full marathon while I nursed my stiff and sore muscles. I really only had pain in my heels, which was strange as they've never hurt before.

I'm sitting in my room watching TV and catching up on work and stuff at 1:20pm when all of a sudden a fire alarm starts going off in Bay Lake Tower. Great, crap! I'm on the fifth floor, I'm in my lounging clothes and not really wanting to go outside and it's raining. I debate for a couple of minutes and finally throw on my shoes and head out - no better way to test how the legs are doing after the races than to walk down five flights of stairs. Thankfully, the knees feel good, hips feel fine, back is still a bit sore and heels/Achilles are still sore. Overall - the stairs were not to painful and that makes me happy!

I get downstairs just to find out that the alarm is just a test - hello, you couldn't have warned people that it was a test? I headed back to my room and yes I took the elevator :)! It was quite rainy out and I decided that I just didn't want to go out to a park and deal with cold and wet, so I didn't. As I was headed back to my room Jeff texted to see how I am doing - that was so nice, I really appreciate that kind of support!

It was 2:13pm when they announced that the fire alarm testing was completed. That was a lengthy test. I just continued catching up on things I had been neglecting and resting - sometimes for me that means more than being in a park. Blasphemy I know.

For the next few hours I caught up with work - not my favorite past time but a necessary evil. I headed over to Contempo Cafe to get some dinner and brought it back to my room. I played around on the computer some more and that was the extent of my day. I know, nothing to exciting.

I do have to add that I was pretty sore when I got up, but as I moved around throughout the day, the stiffness eased up. It was great to feel okay after all the miles - I mean it could have been a lot worse than it was :)!


MikeF. said...

After what you went through I am surprised at how sore you weren't. Nothing wrong with just hanging out in your room for a day. I try to make a day during my trips that I spend the morning and afternoon at the resort then it a park at night. It can be very relaxing.

Rae! said...

I am surprised too that you were not worse.
Stupid fire alarm! Work on vacation? Really..

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