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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tiny Thoughts - 27 Days and I Feel a PR Coming On

Tiny Thoughts: When (not if) I complete the Walt Disney World Full Marathon I will have a new PR!

That's right, no matter how slow I am at the full marathon, as long as I don't get swept I will have a new PR.

Ah, the joy of doing a new distance in a race, an automatic personal record awaits you as long as you finish :)!


Richard said...

A new PR will just be the icing on your Goofy-cake in January!

Chris said...

The way you have been training, I think you might challege a PR even if you already had done a full. ;-)

Look at the weight loss, you are almost already down as much as you lost in November, and December has just begun! Great work, Amanda!

Hey, I noticed it all turned around when you started chatting with Matt and I, how awesome are we! Ha! I'm just kidding, this is ALL you!

Bethany + Ryan said...

great attitude!!! :-) It's getting closer!

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