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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tiny Thought - 7 Days No, 3 Days

Tiny Thought: Here you thought I have a week before I head to the world....and you're right, but I only have three more days in the office before I head to Walt Disney World!

I can't tell you just how happy this makes me after another very long day. Boy do I miss the days when the end of the year was at least manageable...Now it's just pure craziness all year long!


Richard said...

I think you could get through just about anything knowing you will be at WDW in three days (wish I could be there with you).

Chris said...

I'm right there with ya, sort of. I'm technically off this week and will only have to work Monday-Wednesday next week, but stuck having to meet a deadline so I'll be putting in time todayand probably tomorrow. Bleah.

Don't you love how we all of a sudden are turning into weather forecasters! I saw the 15 day that you saw and was like, what the heck!? looks nice all around those two days, but shows rain and chilly (still not as bad as this year...)? Still, I don't exactly trust those long range forecasts...maybe it's a New England thing as the weather here varries so much that anything more than 3 days out is a crapshoot. I'm really just hoping that the post race weather is nice. I don't mind running in the cold or the rain, but that's no fun when touring a park.... All we can do is keep our positive thoughts and hope for the best though!

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