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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tiny Thought - 6 Days War Wounds

Tiny Thought: Who needs Toenails…Keep Running!

If you run, walk get out and get going you probably have some war wounds or at least war stories to share with the group.

When I first started running I was very new to the sport and I fell several times. In fact, the last time I fell I was so good at it that I did the movie roll, pop up and kept running for another couple of miles. Yes, I have some scars on elbows and knees from those first falls - thankfully, as I ran more I gained better balance and learned to pick my feet up so that I wouldn't trip on the uneven sidewalk areas.

Right now I have a bruise under my right big toe nail. To this point I've never had a black toenail and I'd really prefer to keep it that way, but there is a possibility that this toenail isn't going to make it. Keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't cause me pain until after the races!

So, what war wounds or war stories do you have from your experiences with running/walking? Leave me a note and let me know!


Karen said...

I have lost a few over the past couple of years. They sure do look weird but end up coming right back :)

Chris said...

Ahh yes, the black toenail. Had that happen on both my pinky toes due to a condition I call "digging in". When I run up hills I tend to curl my toes and dig in...as if it's helping me run....fun stuff! Other than that, there is a laundry list of ailments and whatnot, nothing that has kept me out of running for more than a couple of weeks, thankfully. The wounds are a kind of badge of honor though :-)

Noticed they changed the forecast for the 8th on the long range to 78 and rainy....Sunday to 61 but sunny.....bet it'll change a couple more times. Hey, we could be in 2 feet of snow by the time the weather guys figure it out! Ha!

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