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Friday, December 31, 2010

Tiny Thought - 4 Days Happy New Year

Tiny Thought: Here's to a happy healthy prosperous New Year to you, your friends and loved ones!

A little under six hours to the new year here in Arizona and I thought I'd take a moment to wish everyone a happy new year!

I hope the goals you had for 2010 were met and that you'll have even more success in 2011 with the new goals you have for yourself.


Chris said...

Same wish for you, Amanda! Harness that great energy you ended this year with and bring it into 2011 and I know you will have 2007-like success!

I started 2010 with a half marathon PR, so vie got high hopes for the Goof and beyond :-)

Richard said...

Well wishes to you for an outstanding year in 2011, Amanda!

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