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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tiny Thought - 12 Days of Final Preparation

Tiny Thought: There are 12 days left for me to prepare myself - mind, body and soul :)!

I can't believe how close the trip is getting now. I need to start putting my running gear together for the races and see what else I might need to protect myself from cold or heat or whatever else the weather might be.

I am shooting for one last 20 mile walk this weekend and then it's time to taper and let the body rebuild and get strong. Want to go in to the races rested and ready.

I will take some time to reflect on this year. The successes and the failures. Find patterns and look at ways to correct the problems going forward and keep up the good things I have started.


-Chris said...

You can do it, Amanda. Just get out there and BUST it.

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