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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tiny Thought - 10 Days Merry Christmas

Tiny Thought: Merry Christmas - Did you remember to give yourself a gift?

What you think I'm selfish or crazy? Well, that may be, but I'm serious. Did you give yourself a gift for the holidays?

So, what do I mean? Well, it's an amazing feeling to give loved ones and friends a gift - better to give than receive and all that.

But...when was the last time you thought of yourself? In our everyday lives we like to take care of others, we do what has to be done for work and often we neglect our own lives and needs.

What do you give yourself? Well, I gave myself the gift of a final 20 miler before the Dopey. Yep, I headed out and put in the miles. More than just the long walk, this helped to relax and focus me. It was the gift of health, of enjoying the outdoors, of building confidence.

Now, think about it...what will your gift to yourself be? Time with friends, family or yourself. The gift of health of relaxation. There are so many things that you could give to yourself. Leave me a note and tell me what you'll give yourself - it doesn't have to be today, but over the next week or two.


-Chris said...

What a great thought. How about this;

I want to give myself the gift of allowing myself to not be "perfect" in training. Yes, I CAN allow myself to take a day off and not feel like I have completely lost all self discipline.

Give myself a break and accept that I'm only human. That's my gift to... well... me.

Merry Christmas

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