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Friday, December 31, 2010

How Did I Do with My Goals for 2010?

Here is the list of goals I posted for 2010 and how I did.

Goals for 2010:
-Run a half marathon in 2:30 or less. I've got three chances to make this happen - as long as my finances hold out.

Well, I didn't even come close to this goal this year. In fact, my speed went out the window and I fell off the running wagon and hit the walking wagon instead. The lowest half marathon time I had this year was 2:58:51 in March at the Run for Ryan House Half Marathon....

-Get my diet back under control, loss the excess weight and work darn hard to not fall in to the fall holidays eating binge. I've started to recognize the patterns - now I just have to acknowledge them and figure out a more productive way to address them.
So this goal was a fail for about 11.5 months this year as well. I continuously gained weight this year, hitting my highest weight ever. When I lost all my weight in 2007 I swore I wouldn't let this ever happen again, but I've learned that I let stress take over my self control and eating and it can get pretty ugly. I'm still weighing a lot more than I want, but the last month and a half have been much better and I've been able to take off a few pounds.

-Figure out what I want to be when I grow up (i.e. look for another job)...This is going to be tough on me. I'll be even more stressed than I already am, working in a new job (if I can find one) with eating right and exercising might be very difficult, but I think it has to be done!
Boy - I wish I could say what I want to be when I grow up. I'm still not happy where I am, but I'm a bit fearful of trying to move on to a new job. While my job is not my favorite thing right now, the pay is decent and I love the people I work with. I just wish that management was different. I know I need to make a change as my growth has stopped and I've been continually told that I cannot move in the direction that I would like to. I am on the third boss for the year and each one has been progressively worse for me. I've been told that I don't sell myself enough, I live in the shadow of a co-worker, I don't communicate at all and that I can't be trusted to meet my deadlines....Oddly, I've never missed a deadline, the co-worker whose shadow I live in is in a different group and I talk to this manager daily. Not sure I'll ever be able to live up to what this manager wants...Oh, and let's not mention that fact that I now have to manage consultants and I am not a manager.

-If I can stay on my running schedule it will mean I'll end up logging about 1300 running miles and I have no idea how many walking/biking miles. I will be very impressed with myself if I can do this. It's going to take a lot of dedication, but I think I need that. That will mean doubling my miles from 2009.
I only managed to get in 704.65 miles on my feet (running/walking). While it's no where near the amount of miles I had hoped for, it is still the most miles I've ever done in a single year. I have also hit some new high mileage in the last few months as I've trained for the Dopey Challenge. My longest mileage to date is 26.38 miles on the treadmill no less :)! So while I didn't hit my goal, I still feel quite good about where I am right now in terms of mileage.

-Support anyone that asks for help in regards to their diet and exercise goals
I don't know if I've met this goal or not. I like to hope that I have helped someone along the way, but I really can't be sure.

Maybe my goals for 2010 were unrealistic, but even though I didn't reach them all, I did quite a bit this year.


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