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Friday, December 31, 2010

Goals for 2011

I am going to use 2011 to work on myself again. I think 2010 wasn't great for me in terms of taking care of myself and I need to change that and make myself a priority again. So, with that, here are the top things that I want to work on in 2011.

1. Complete the Dopey Challenge
Complete may not be the right word...Perhaps Attempt would be more appropriate. I will consider it a success if I toe the line of each race, but I really do want to complete all three races!

2. Participate in at least one running/walking event each month of the year
I have done some research and so far I have found events for all but one month (they are listed on the side bar on the right). I may make a few changes along the way depending on my budget and/or work schedule. I would like to participate in organized events, but if I can't get to those I'd like to at least participate in a virtual event.

3. Release the fear and return to running or run-walk-run intervals
I let the fear of injury prevent me from pushing myself in 2010 and instead of running the way I know I should and can I have mostly been walking. I want to get back to running the way I used to.

4. Continue working on eating better and losing weight
This should be pretty self explanatory. I need to quit letting stress control my self control. I will continue to log the food I eat. I will not completely deprive myself of the things I like, but will work to control the portions of those foods.

5. Add at least one day a week of Pilates to my workout schedule
In order to work on core strength and flexibility I want to get back to doing Pilates at least one day a week. I have gotten out of this habit in 2010 and I miss it.

6. Add at least one day a week of strength training to my workout schedule
I don't want to go crazy with the strength training, but I would like to add some light strength training back in to aid in weight loss and strength.

7. Participate in at least one 10K
Even though I've done a lot of different events I've yet to participate in a 10K. I'd like to try at least one 10K in 2011.

8. Work towards a new PR in the Half Marathon
Of course I'd like to get under 2:30 in the half marathon, but instead of being specific I thought I'd just try to better my best time. Right now my half marathon PR is 2:40 and I'd like to get under that time.

9. Maintain consistent mileage each month throughout the year
I would like to run/walk 80 to 100 miles per month in 2011. I think this is doable as long as I continue with my long runs every other week at a minimum.

10. Run and/or walk at least three days a week in 2011
I believe I'm going to try using Jeff Galloway's run/walk/run method this year and one of his principles is that you don't have to go crazy and get out there every single day in order to maintain your fitness. I'm going to try this and see how it works for me this year.


Chris said...

Great goals, Amanda! I almost think you don't even have to be as aggressive in some areas to be a hugely successful 2011! I think you were doing great with the weight loss as well, keep that up and it will make your running goal a snap as well.

The stress from from work and such is something I can rate to, let's try to keep on each other about that this year. Try to share tricks and techniques that might work. :-)

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