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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dopey Training Review - Week #49

Oh wow, I cannot believe how close the races are. It's been a pretty good week overall. I haven't been too bad mentally. I have some fear and doubts swirling around in my head, but it's not that hard to stop those. I just have to envision the medals that I hope to achieve.
The flu is gone - thank goodness. I had some bad cramping and tightness in my right knee for a couple of days this week, but I was able to work that out by using massage and ice. Everything is back in order now and feeling pretty good.
This week has been really good in terms of food. No major slip ups or over indulgences. I hope to keep this up now until I leave for vacation.
AM: Walk - 2mi @ no target
PM: Treadmill walk - 2.26mi @ 16:50 per mi
Still dragging a bit from the flu, but starting to feel better. It felt good to work up a bit of a sweat.
AM: Easy run - Warm up walk, 6mi @ 14:48 per mi, cool down walk
PM: Treadmill walk - 3.69mi, 29mi warm up walk, 3.14mi @ 16:02 per mi, .26mi cool down walk
I'm still kind of tired and worn out and I didn't get all my miles in, but I did manage to get a few miles in at least. The final race instructions are out!
AM: Walk - 3mi @ no target
PM: Bike - 15mi, 1hr 4mins, 14mph avg, resistance level 2
My legs were not feeling great today so I decided to rest the walking muscles a bit and do the bike instead. I've been having a lot of work stress and it sure makes it tempting to give in to food cravings, but I've resisted so far.
AM: Easy run - Warm up walk, 6mi @ 14:88 per mi, cool down walk
Took a total rest day today. My right knee is sore and crampy today.
AM: Walk - 4mi @ no target
PM: Treadmill walk - 4.2mi @ 18:12 per mi
No lingering pain in the knee today and I got a nice walk in on the treadmill. I am still concerned that I have no idea what my pace actually is since the treadmill was set for 17:02 and the Garmin shows 18:12 - kind of crazy. Hoping for a good fast long wog tomorrow.
AM: Long walk - 20mi @ 16-18 per mi
AM: Long walk - 20.74mi, .29mi warm up walk, 20mi @ 15:39 per mi, .45mi cool down walk
Well, I finished my last 20 miler before the races. I'm not sure if I feel better or worse for having done it though. I was hurting by the end - it was rough maintaining this pace today and it was a lot slower than I wanted to go. I know that I'll just do the best I can during the races and I've come to terms with the fact that I will accept whatever medals I get with grace and a smile. If I fail this time - well, it won't be a failure because I tried - I will try again until I get all the medals. I am relishing this challenge and I will give it all I have.
AM: Walk - 2.15mi @ 18:20 per mi
Took the dogs out for a nice slow short walk this morning just to keep the blood flowing and to help the legs recover. It took about .4mi before the stiffness worked out and I felt okay walking. Overall I'm not feeling horrible. I have some pain in my knees, hips and heels - nothing too bad though, just general workout pain. I am officially in taper mode and that scares me because I just feel like I could use more distance, but I want to go in to the races refreshed.

That's a wrap for this week. Be on the lookout for the Dopey Training Preview post to see how next week's plan looks!


Matt said...

I think you're going to do just fine with the Dopey. You got this!

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