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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dopey Training Review - Week #44

I may have taken rest a little further than I needed to this week, but I feel a bit more rested and ready for another tough week coming up. Overall I felt pretty good this week and am happy with where I'm at in terms of mileage - still a bit worried about the pace though.
No real problems to speak of here. Things are pretty average in terms of soreness this week.
Another great week in terms of eating. I stuck to my plan of staying between 1200-1500 calories and other than being hungry a few times it's been fine. The good thing is I realized that the hunger was all about the stress and I did not cheat to try to make myself feel better!
I actually did take the entire day as a rest day. I felt it necessary after the tough weekend before. Amazingly, I wasn't feeling too sore after all those miles which makes me happy and baffled at the same time. I will definitely continue to use ice baths after the long runs as it does seem to help.
AM: Easy run - Warm up walk, 4mi @ 14:48 per mi, cool down walk
PM: Treadmill walk - 4.67mi, .32mi warm up walk, 4mi @ 16:53 per mi, .45mi cool down walk
Didn't feel like walking this morning, but at least I got some miles in on the treadmill tonight. I really wasn't feeling the mill though - it was tough to stay on for any length of time. I know that I need the miles though so that's a good thing.
AM: Walk - 4mi @ no target
AM: Walk - 4.03mi @ 15:11 per mi
Started a new pair of shoes today. I took the dogs on a walk this morning and we kept a good pace going. The new shoes felt okay except for the double blister I developed on my left heel. I can't believe the problems I now have with blisters - 3 years and never a blister and now I have them constantly...It did feel good to get outside though!
AM: Easy run - Warm up walk, 6mi @ 14:48 per mi, cool down walk
PM: Bike - 20mi, 1hr 27mins, 13.6mph avg, resistance level 2
I just wasn't feeling great today so I decided to skip the walk/jog and do a pedal instead. I was feeling a bit sore and achy today - not sure if it was the new shoes yesterday, pushing the pace or just general soreness.
AM: Bike - 20mi @ no target
PM: Walk - 2.52mi @ 15:58 per mi
Took the dogs out for another walk tonight using the new shoes. I redid the laces on the new shoes and it did seem to help with the blisters. Jasmine wanted to run tonight - it was very cute the way she started trotting and all of a sudden she took of at a run and I followed along. It was a short sprint, but it was still fun. I bought Kinect for XBox 360 and I only played for a bit, but I got a bit of a workout from it and I definitely got up a sweat!
AM: Long run - Warm up walk, 6mi @ 14:48 per mi, cool down walk
I am a slacker. I just didn't want to workout today so I didn't. I had a play to go to in the afternoon and it sort of cut the day in a weird way and it really just made me sort of tired. I felt it would be okay to take the day off.
AM: Walk - 4mi @ 15:58 per mi
Took the dogs out for another walk today. It was windy and cloudy and absolutely beautiful outside! Jasmine was wanting to run again today so we did a couple of quick sprints again - she's so funny when she runs and her ears blow back with the wind! My legs are a little sore today - not sure why since I've hardly done anything this week :).

That's a wrap for this week. Be on the lookout for the Dopey Training Preview post for next week's plan!


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