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Sunday, November 28, 2010

D-23 For Me (Long)

Nope, I'm not talking about Disney's D23....I'm talking about the fact that I have now done a 23 mile walk. The longest I've gone yet. The craziest thing I think I've done yet....well, maybe not, but it sure felt crazy. I'm going to spend a little time blogging about my little journey yesterday.

I was going to try to get going by 6 - 6:30am, but my nerves got the best of me and I didn't actually get moving until 8am. I had to get ready, feed the dogs, eat a PowerBar and take a deep breath.

It was about 8:40am when I finally made it out the door. I was wearing my 40 ounce Camelbak full of water, attached to that I had a 20 ounce water bottle and a 20 ounce bottle of Accelerade Fruit Punch. In addition, I was carrying four Hammer gels and another PowerBar. I had a pretty clear plan in my head about how I was going to fuel for this walk and for the most part it worked well. I had also gone online and mapped my route so that I would have a general idea of how far to go, turn around, head the other direction, turn around and make it back home.

I knew that I wanted to push myself a little bit more on this walk than I had been this year. For some reason I've been afraid to push myself at all. I've been skating by and frankly, it has me a bit concerned. I'm not so concerned about the distance, I'm concerned about maintaining pace. This is something I really need to focus on in the next month. My goal for the walk was to stay under 17 minutes per mile - which would be faster than my 20 miles on the treadmill, but if I could I'd prefer to stay under 16 minutes per mile. That's where my head was.

The new shoes and socks were on my feet and I was hoping for good things from them as well. I was only able to get one test walk in wearing them, but I was hopefully. The first 8 miles were pretty uneventful. I was keeping a consistent pace under 16 minutes per mile and my feet and legs were feeling good. This is where I took my first gel - a Hammer Raspberry gel. My mind was having problems wrapping around the fact that I still had so far to go, but I kept thinking it's not that bad.

The next 4 miles were also pretty uneventful. I was a bit tired and couldn't believe I still had half way to go. I took my second Hammer gel - an Apple Cinnamon gel...Not my favorite by the way - a little too odd for me. My stomach was feeling great, no problems. I had been sipping water as I felt I needed it, but not too often I didn't want to over-hydrate. I was also sparingly sipping my Accelerade. No bad reactions from my stomach so that was a great thing.

I kept walking....and walking...and walking...I was keeping the pace pretty consistent still and was still below the 16 minute per mile pace. The pattern continued on to mile 16. This is where I decided I would eat a PowerBar for some extra energy, carbs and protein. I have to find something else to use as fuel. My stomach didn't have any problems with this food, but it was horrible trying to chew it. I have enough trouble with the gels, but trying to walk and chew at the same time was causing me some issues (go ahead, laugh, I am). I ended up eating half of the bar and honestly I was full from that so it was a good amount for me.

At mile 17.5 I got a low battery warning from my Garmin. Great...I would have no idea how far I had gone if I don't have my Garmin. I pulled out my iPhone and downloaded RunKeeper Free and got it setup and ready to go in case I needed it. I just love technology :)!

Heading in to mile 18 I was starting to get pretty tired. I was feeling my hips a little more, I was noticing areas on my feet that were kind of sore. I kept trudging along. At mile 19 I took my third Hammer gel - Montana Huckleberry. This was a great gel, I need to get some more of this flavor.

I kept going, reaching mile 20, then 21 and I am starting to really slow down and drag. I'm really feeling the miles at this point. I'm barely maintaining the under 16 minute per mile pace, but I'm trying to push through and I do.

Mile 22 and I now know what hitting the wall feels like. I've never hit it before, but boy did I hit it today. I have nothing left. It's all I can do to keep my feet moving. I feel like I'm going so fast and when I look my face has slipped to slower than 17 minutes per mile. I keep pushing and I'm getting close to the end now. At 22.5 miles the Garmin was completely dead - no warning - just dead! I pulled out the iPhone and started up RunKeeper Free. It's now clocking and I'm getting very close to home.

I continue on and finally arrive home...Boy am I wiped out. I take my gear off, let the dogs out and stretch out as best I can - which isn't very much as my legs are tight and tired. I still managed to get a little stretching in so I know that will help me. I grab some carbs and protein - crackers and lunch meat.

Then it's time for the dreaded ice bath. Good grief, it is so hard to get in that cold water and then sit there for 15 minutes. Again, I know it's for my own good, but darn is that tough. The problem today is, I'm freezing after the ice bath and have to take a super hot shower to warm up and probably undo all the good of the ice bath :).

Time to try out the compression socks. Wow - I'm liking these, they're like a nice hug on tired legs. The foot and Achilles is padded and it makes stepping on my feet hurt a lot less than being barefoot. I kept these on until bedtime and I do think they helped and I will be using them again.

So, I want to talk a little bit about food and hydration. I had 60 ounces of water and 20 ounces of Accelerade with me - I went through all 80 ounces of fluid. I expected I'd have to stop for a bio break at least once or twice during this journey - but I didn't. Now, this might be TMI, but I was not super dehydrated when I got home, but I don't think I was as hydrated as I thought I should be after than much fluid. There's absolutely no way with the setup I have that I can carry more fluid. I cannot even attempt to run with the Camelbak full and two handheld bottles attached to it....If I need more liquid I'm going to have to figure something else out.

As far as energy. I felt good with the three gels - for the full I'll add one more gel at mile 23 or 24. While I didn't enjoy chewing the PowerBar, it didn't bother my stomach and I think it was a choice overall. I'll have to think about this one and maybe try something else on the next long walk.

My overall pace for the 23 miles was 15:37 per mile. While this is an improvement over the 17 minute per mile pace I maintained for the 20 miles on the treadmill, I'm not comfortable being that close to 16 minutes per mile. I'll have to continue pushing myself on the pace front and hopefully I'll be able to get a little more speed.

I know I rambled on for quite a while on this one, but it was to help me figure out how I felt and what I want to change. Chime in, let me know if you have any ideas, suggestions, comments, etc....


Rae! said...

sounds like you did well. To let fight the mental side, remember to think where you are on the WDW marathon map. It helps. You are right it is hard to eat and walk,run or anything. I don't think you were not hydrated I think you were in need of fuel. Remember, the water stops and fuels stops in the full marathon. Mile 16-17 going into AK is a fuel stop Eat the banana!!! Even if it is frozen!!!
How was your weather?? To me it sounds like you were also a touch of hypothermia going. You should try warming up first, then the cold bath.Drink warm tea.What did you drink for recovery?? You will need to feed your muscles.BTW you can sleep the the compression socks. I have a pair that are short and a long pair. I will swear by them.
I recommend Hammer Perpetum for fueling. It is easy to digest, you get your good fats, and protein, not high in calories. You should sip on everything every 15 minutes. Yes only enough to rise the mouth like mouth wash. Take in the perpetum before the water stops. You will not need the power bar to eat. I sware.
I Know what the way feels like, Be happy it happen during training.
Mental learn the WDW marathon map, it helps. Think of places in mileage where will you need me to be to cheer you on, walk with you.Just think mile 23 you are headed out of Hollywood studios headed to Epcot.
Just tell me where you want me and I will even have replacement fuel and stuff for you. Try the chocolate gel. I have a whole bottle unopen here.I have gels too.
Let me help. I can even provide back ipod!!

Richard said...

Outstanding job, Amanda! I think you are going to really surprise yourself in January.

Ditto to Rae's comments on Perpetuem, but do what works well for you. One thing about distances is that the longer you go, the harder it seems to be to eat, and some things even start to taste different (at least for me). I also love compression socks, and often wear the compression calf sleeves after a long workout--I even wore them for warmth this past weekend for my 30 degree 5K!

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