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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rest in Peace Ralph (My Little Man)


Today marks another sad day for me as my oldest (and littlest) dog Ralph passed away tonight. It was nothing more than old age, but that doesn't make it any easier.

My journey with Ralph started over sixteen years ago. I was working at the Mesa YMCA and we had worked through the night and were back in the office several hours later. I left the office early on April 1st and as we were driving home a little dog had five lanes of traffic stopped dead.

My Mom asked if I wanted to try to get him and I said I couldn't leave him in the road to get hit. Mind you there were three or four other people trying to get him as well. I got out of the car and chased him around a van and when he got to the sidewalk, he stopped and let me pick him up.

We were living in an apartment at the time and were in no position to have a dog, but here he was this little fur ball. Matted fur down to the ground, covering his little eyes. If you wanted Loony Tunes you might remember the sheepdogs that watched the sheep with Wiley Coyote tried to take them. In one of the cartoons, two sheepdogs were punching in/out and one says, "Night Fred." and the other says, "Night Ralph." and that's how Ralph got his name.

I had every intention of taking him to the Humane Society or the Pound, but when I called they said he would only be given three days and if he wasn't adopted he'd be put down. I couldn't subject a sweet little puppy like this to death for something that wasn't his fault.

So, Ralph became mine. He was a Shih Tzu/Terrier mix and about 4 months old when I got him. He was a runner and always trying to escape, it took years to break him of this habit and honestly, he just wasn't given a lot of opportunities to choose to come or run.

He was a very sweet little dog, never yippie, but he had a big dog attitude for sure. He would attack any dog that he saw - he may have only been nine pounds, but he'd take on a 100 pound dog without even thinking. With people though - he was a love, he would lean in to you and basically just give you hugs.

I hope that he is at peace now and knows how much he will be missed and I hope somewhere he is playing tug-o-war with his brother BJ (BJ passed away over 4 years ago)!


Karen said...

sorry to hear it.... Hugs :(

Richard said...

So sorry to hear this Amanda, I've lost a number of canine companions over the years and know that their loss is never easy. If there is anything I could do for you just let me know.

(BTW - I do remember that cartoon and think that was a great way to come up with a name.)

Jonathan "The Voice" said...


So sorry. Thoughts and prayers. You know we're here for you.


MikeF. said...

Amanda I am sorry to hear about the loss of your family member. It is never easy when it happens.

LauraElaine said...

:( so sorry to hear about ralph

Rae! said...

Oh dear. So sorry. A loss is hard no matter what. Thank you for sharing your memories of Ralph.
I remember that cartoon as well.

Please keep walking/running!
Lots of hugs!

Chris said...

:-( It's always sad to lose a member of the family. What a cute little guy he was.

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