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Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Little Inspiration

I think I've mentioned my co-worker that does triathlons previously. The man is an animal - he puts in some major training time while working full time and being very supportive of his wife and two kids. I admire him greatly as I don't have near as much to deal with and he still manages to stay dedicated and on track.

We were talking on Friday and I learned something that made my admiration for him go through the roof. I found out that he does all this stuff and he has MS. Yes, that's right - he's shooting for Kona and he has MS.

He was diagnosed 28 years ago while in college. At the time he was diagnosed he was on the college wrestling team and very active. He went numb on one entire side of his body. He had to drag his leg behind him. It was extremely difficult and at the time the medications weren't as good as they are now.

If you saw him today you would never know that he has MS. He trains fiercely and runs an 8 - 9 minute per mile pace - not to mention his swimming and biking!

I am so glad that the medications have improved to the point that he is able to do what he does now. Medications only work so well though. He's struggling a bit right now as some days he still can't train at all. He was telling me that some days he can go out and do an 18 mile run without a care in the world, very little pain and feeling great. He just did a 13 mile run maintaining 8 minute per mile pace the whole way. Then he has days were he can't even walk to the mailbox.

I have made a lot of excuses this year and have been way too lazy. This man's story has reminded me once again that the aches and pains that I feel are nothing and that I need to do everything I can. Why? BECAUSE I CAN! It really helped me to put things back in to perspective and made me realize just how lucky I am.

So, the next time I give you all an excuse on why I didn't do something - please remind me that I'm being selfish and lazy and that no excuse is good enough when you have the ability to get out there and do it!

Just to give you an idea of his level (while competing with an injured Achilles and not having been able to train for an entire week) here are the results from an Olympic Distance Triathlon he completed yesterday:
Swim: 25:28
Bike: 1:32:46
Run: 54:20
Total Time: 2:52:40


Rae! said...

I love it! More power to your co worker! I know how you feel about making excuses.I am guilty as well.
Just keep moving is all it is about and having fun!

Richard said...

Very inspiring, I'm hoping I can get to the point where I can hit his total time next year (without my even having some of his hardships)--no way am I swimming or running anywhere near those speeds right now.

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