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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dopey Training Review - Week #41

Nothing good came of this week. Nope, not one good thing...It was another rough work week and because of that I didn't take the time for me or my training. Stupid I know.
What could I complain about - I didn't do anything this week to make me have any problems.
As with everything else this week. I suffered here too. I've been very bad and have no excuse here.
AM: Easy run - Warm up walk, 2mi @ 14:34 per mi, cool down walk
Another 17hr work day...didn't leave me time to train today.
AM: Easy run - Warm up walk, 4mi @ 14:48 per mi, cool down walk
Well, it was another long day today. My Halloween costume doesn't fit and I'm a bit stressed about everything right now.
AM: Walk - 3mi @ no target
PM: Treadmill walk - 3.14mi @ 16:53 per mi
I was happy to be on the treadmill tonight, that is until the work phone rang and I had to stop to take care of more problems. I hope this craziness ends soon.
AM: Easy run - Warm up walk, 4mi @ 14:48 per mi, cool down walk
And another 18hr day today...Man, I'm starting to feel rusty. I'm making bad food choices and I know these are all just excuses.
AM: Bike - 20mi no target
Today was Halloween dress up day at work. That was fun....except for the fact that it was a 19hr work day today. I'm very burnt out.
AM: Long walk - 17mi @ 16-18 per mi
I woke up with the worst Charlie horse in my right calf. Usually if I just stretch them out as they happen, I'm perfectly fine in the morning. Well, this one was not so nice. I couldn't even walk in the morning. Lots of ice, gentle stressing and rest was the order of the day. Since I couldn't get my long run in today, I took the time to nap on the couch to catch up on some much needed sleep.
AM: Treadmill walk - 3.6mi @ 17:26 per mi
I tried to get some miles in today. In fact I was going to go for 17....It was not to be today. I was on the treadmill, walking along and I have no energy, no stamina, no motivation at all. I ended up stopping way sooner than I should have. I am very disappointed with myself today - I should have been able to do more.

That's a wrap for this week. Be on the lookout for the Dopey Training Preview post for next week's plan!


Richard said...

These weeks happen sometimes, just don't let them get you too down and you'll be back on the program when life settles a bit.

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