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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And Reality Hits....

Got the email to print my race waivers and official race guide for the Disneyland Half Marathon today.

Wow - that means it's getting close. That means I need to kick my rear in gear.

Very exciting and at the same time a bit frightening!


Tricia said...

so exciting!

Chris said...

Fear can be a great motivator! :-) No time like the present, Amanda, kick it in gear and kick this things rear end!

MikeF. said...

Print out a bunch of them and sign every single one of those waiver forms. Then put them all around your house where you will always see them. So you see that you are committed to this and you will not let anything hold you back!

Matt said...

You'll pull through. I have faith! I wish I could join you this year. I miss Disneyland SO much! Hmmmmmm.... Maybe next year.

LauraElaine said...

Very exciting!!!

Rae! said...

YEah!!!! You're gonna do great!!!

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