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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Virtual Run Report and Bondi Band Review

I started the day at 7am and checked in for my flight to NJ tomorrow. Yep, have to travel for work - not my favorite thing to do, but must be done so, that's the way it goes.

I headed out the door for my 5 miles this morning. My goal - to stay below the 16 minute per mile pace. I know I've gotten a lot slower than I like from all the extra weight, but I have to stay below that pace for the upcoming races so there you have it. It was warm and sticky this morning - we're in the middle of monsoon season and it's not a pleasant time in AZ right now, but at least it was cloudy and I didn't have to deal with sun beating down on me.

I started with a nice .31mi warm up walk. Just getting the blood pumping and getting used to the temperature/humidity. It was pleasant with the clouds and a nice way to start.

Then came the time to wog. I just started out running for what felt comfortable - about .75mi or so...I noticed that a comfortable pace is in the 12 minute per mile pace, but I can't sustain for as long as I used to. When I'd get a bit worn feeling, I would walk. During these walk breaks I was working on getting my breathing under control, but maintaining a nice quick pace anything under 14 minutes per mile.

This continued on for the first 3.5mi and then I started walking more, but again walking quickly. At some points I was walking faster than I could run so I just sort of went with it. At one point I was running along nice and steady and another runner I had passed and said hi to earlier was doing his cool down walk and he says good job and clapped at me - that's just weird. I know I don't look like I runner right now, but I really wanted to ask him how far he'd gone this morning...Honestly odd...

Anyway, I continued on picking places to start running and walking and really, before I knew it the five miles was over and I was on to the cool down walk portion. I did a nice .5mi cool down walk back to my house.

Once back at the house I grabbed some water to hydrate and then I got the dogs ready to go and headed back out the door. I took the dogs for a nice leisurely 2.16mi walk - it's really hot for them so we stopped often so I could give them water and let them cool a bit - they have their own water bottle and they drink out of it quite well - it's pretty cute to see!

We got back to the house, I had some PowerAde Zero, stretched, had breakfast, fell asleep on the couch and now I'm doing all the house prep work to prepare for the pet sitters.

I wanted to talk a little bit about Bondi Bands. These are headbands that are made of wicking material and they're not just for girls so guys they have styles for you as well! I wasn't sure how I felt about the Bondi Band until later in the day. I wore one of these bands for the entire time I was out this morning and I only had to adjust the back a little bit a couple of times, the front never slipped at all.

I've been wearing a plastic Goody headband that is contoured to my head, has soft pieces behind the ears and does a really good job holding my hair. When I wear this headband I don't have to adjust it very often, but the sweat does still tend to run down my face and get in my eyes. I also notice that the hair on the sides tends to bug me at times when it hits me in the face.

The Bondi Band did a great job keeping the sweat off my face, in fact, I never once had to wipe the sweat off my face from it running down from my forehead. The wicking material did it's job and when I took the band off it was soaked.

I also noticed that the width of the band kept the hair at the sides pulled back far enough that it didn't once hit me in the face.

So, if you're looking for a headband to help keep the sweat out of your eyes and/or your hair out of your way, I can definitely recommend the Bondi Bands! You can purchase them from http://bondiband.com. They have a ton of colors, patterns and sayings to choose from. I had my order within a couple of days and everything was exactly as I ordered.

Well, that's it for now, hope everyone else has had a good running weekend!


Anonymous said...

I'm exceptionally proud of you!!! Hope you're proud of me tomorrow!!!

Main Street Awaits!!!

(how cool am I posting this ON A PLANE???)

-Chris said...

AWESOME job on the run today, Amanda... amazing how great it feels to get a particular workout completed when you just don't think you've got it in you. Like I said, awesome job!

Chris said...

Great work! I know how tough it's been for you to get out the door with the weather and all, so this is great on many levels :-)

You've to take some video for us of the dogs drinking out of their water bottle! I'm sure it's darn cute.

Bondi bands ehh...I bought a Nike headband that seems very similar. Has little ear flaps for the winter too which I just flip up for summer. Works pretty well, but I'll take a look at the bondi's as well. They look a little wider than what I've got, might be worth a shot.

I get a mix of runners in my area, some who are very encouraging of others, like what you witnessed, and others that won't even nod or wave back when passing by. Runners are a weird breed for sure. Last week while running the Boardwalk I would wave to a girl that seemed to be out there every day with not so much of a glance in my direction. Although, it was like 5am and dark, so maybe she thought I was a psycho or something, lol.

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