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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nature - What Have You Seen?

So, I'm really behind on podcasts and I was listening to one this week about how a little boy was bitten on the finger three times by a water moccasin at WDW in a bush where he went to retrieve a toy he dropped.

Now, I have a couple of snake stories from WDW. In 1998 we were staying at the Wilderness Lodge and one night while walking from the parking lot back up to the lodge a large black snake slithered across the sidewalk not more than 5 feet in front of us. This is a safe distance - I didn't feel threatened by it, but it's still creepy, especially at night.

The second snake encounter I had was at Animal Kingdom in 2007. I was sitting on curb outside of Dinoland waiting for a line for a show to open. I was just people watching and someone caught my eye. A group of people was walking by and one guy about jumped out of his skin and hopped to the left. I thought this was odd, until I looked and literally right next to me a huge black snake comes slithering along up in to the bushes not two feet from where I was sitting. This was way to close for comfort. I jumped up as quick as I could and went and found a bench to sit on :)!

While out on a Wishes cruise in 2009, the captain took me around and we went looking for alligators. He usually finds them right as it gets dark, especially around Fort Wilderness and Discovery Island....We didn't find any, but he assured me that there are plenty of them out there.

While on the Backstage Safari Tour at Animal Kingdom the guide (Paul) was explaining how they had an alligator actually climb a fence to get inside. He said they didn't know they could or would do that, but they've seen it a couple of time since.

Now, I live in Arizona and we have our share of dangerous critters - scorpions, gila monsters, rattle snakes, black widows, brown recluse spiders, etc....I try not to get to close to any of them if I can help it.

What dangerous critters live where you are?

Have you had any close encounters on Disney property?

I'd love to hear your stories so leave me a comment!


Matt said...

I practically live in the woods here and there is a pasture out behind my house, so I have my fair share of critters around here. From deer to beavers. Dangers include black widows, brown recluse, all sorts of poisonous snakes, aligator snapping turtles, and racoons. Yes, racoons... Those suckers are mean!!!

As far as the parks go, I've seen several creatures that really shouldn't be there. I have actually seen a deer out in the "courtyard" by the pool at Pop Century. Rabbits in the Magic Kingdom. Ducks in the pool at Wilderness Lodge... All sorts of things. However, I have had two "real" encounters in the parks.

Once while eating in the Studios (the outdoor place by the Backlot), a seagull "bombed" my hamburger. I was MAD!!!

And once while waiting for Illuminations in China, a HUGE spider got on me. I. FREAKED. OUT!!!!! I hate spiders. Hate them hate them HATE THEM!!! I seriously screamed like a girl and ran away. I even refused to go back. I had to find a spot over Norway.

Justin said...

Many times I run late at night when it gets dark. About a week ago I was running in the pitch dark through a wooded section of my favorite trail. No lights. Not smart.

Just over the roar of my iPod I heard something massive crash through the brush. I could not see it except for an indistinct and looming shadow that lurched away from me. I came to a dead stop before regaining the courage to keep moving forward into the inky blackness.

All common sense told me that it was a dear, but my adrenaline convinced me that Sasquatch was waiting just ahead to tear me apart limb from limb. So . . . tempting fate I ran onward into the dark another 3 miles to my car.

Conclusion? I'm an idiot.

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