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Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's All About Sweating....

Well, my plans for a long run this weekend have been squashed. I decided this morning to forgo my long run until tomorrow. I was just really tired and knew I wouldn't give it my best effort.

I had my run all planned out for tomorrow, but alas, it's not to be...At around noon today my home A/C stopped working. Now, this has happened before and I've been able to fix it or have it fixed. I tried all the tricks I know and nothing...Nothing at all...I called my A/C company (living in AZ most of us have A/C companies on speed dial) - we can have someone come out between 5 and 9pm...Okay, that'll have to work.

At 8:45pm I get a call that a technician is on the way. Finally. I've been sitting here in the house sweating. Normally I keep the house around 80...It was 84 by the time I noticed that something was wrong and has been climbing ever sense. My thermostat doesn't go higher than about 94 - it hit that hours ago...It's 102 outside right now and it's cooler out there than in here.

I've been feeding my dogs ice and putting ice around my little old dog's neck to keep him cool. I don't like how hot he is since he's 17 years old I worry about him.

In the meantime, I've been drinking like crazy to keep from getting dehydrated and even with every fan I own sitting here pointing at me, I'm sweating like crazy. It'd be great to take a cold shower, but cold water is non-existent in AZ in the summer so I can't even do that. It's like hot Yoga without the Yoga :)!

The technician came out and my compressor is dead...I can't complain, the unit is 14+ years old...It'd be a couple grand to fix the compressor or I can suck it up somehow and get a whole new system....I've known this was coming, but I still am not sure how I'm going to pay for this. This is not a minor purchase - I have a guy coming out tomorrow morning to give me an estimate.

Boy has it been a long week!


Rae! said...

I have to say you made a good decision. It sucks bad, we went through that last year. Why not just replace the compressor? Why the entire unit??
When all is said and done you should be a lighter person from all the sweating!!! {trying to make light of it}

Rae! said...

Sending an e mail

Richard said...

Oh, man! I know what you mean about the importance of working AC, and having it not work is simply not an option. I agree that the workout could wait while you tried to sort this thing out.
Good luck in this being an "affordable" expense for you.

Chris said...

That just sucks..no other way to put it. I hope your dogs are still doing okay, definitely tough on the old guy I'm sure.

Might be the one advantage of living in the Northeast since all the houses here have basements! My basement stays so nice and cool, great for those treadmill workouts, and is perfect when we lose power or the A/C is on the fritz. :-)

Stay cool!

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