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Monday, July 19, 2010

Dopey Training Review - Week #26

Between training for work and then my home A/C quitting on me, I have to say that last week was not a good one. I really can't say that there were many high points this week, but it's okay I'll bounce back.
Overall, I've been feeling pretty good here. At least in terms of exercising. I do have a long way to go still, but I feel okay here right now.
I had good days and bad again. Not that this is anything new here. Just have to keep working on this.
AM: Easy Run - Warm up walk, 2mi @ 14:34 per mi, cool down walk
PM: Pilates for Abs with Resistance Band
PM: Bike - 5mi, 17mins, 17.7mph avg, resistance level 4
It was a tough day at work as I tried to get ready for my training that starts tomorrow. At least I got in a quick bike ride.
AM: Walk - 4mi no target
AM: Walk - 3.08mi @ 15:02 per mi
Had to cut the walk a little short today as my training class started at 9am Eastern - 6am AZ and I had to make sure the technology worked before class since I couldn't make it work the day before. Not a bad walk, but it's hot even at 4am and the poor dogs were probably very happy to have me cut it short!
AM: Speed Run - Warm up walk, 1mi warm up jog no target, 1mi @ 12:37per mi, .5mi jog no target, 1mi @ 12:37 per mi, .5mi jog no target, 1mi cool down jog no target, cool down walk
PM: Pilates 20 Minute Circle Workout
PM: Bike - 5mi, 18mins, 16.1mph avg, resistance level 3
Really tired this morning, class started early and so I got another quick bike ride in tonight.
AM: Walk - 3mi no target
PM: Bike - 5mi, 18mins, 16.4mph avg, resistance level 3
It was a rough day in class, work later and just over all. Decided to just get in a quick bike ride again. Not a stellar week for working out at this point.
AM: Easy Run - Warm up walk, 2mi @ 14:34 per mi, cool down walk
PM: P90X Shoulders & Arms
So, I didn't workout, I ate poorly and am so tired I fell asleep on the couch at about 5pm. Got everything ready for the long run in the morning.
AM: Long Run - Warm up walk no target, 14mi @ 14:49 per mi, cool down walk no target.
I wimped out and didn't go this morning because I was just so tired and knew I wouldn't give it my all so I decided to do it tomorrow instead. Then, my A/C died around noon - uh oh...This may mean no running tomorrow if I have to continue dealing with no A/C.
Still no A/C - can't leave the dogs home alone for long enough to get my long run in. Even if I went, it would be very tough to cool down after the run.

That's a wrap for this week. Be on the lookout for the Dopey Training Preview post for next week's plan!


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