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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dopey Training Review - Week #25

Could have done better could have done worse this week. I didn't get all my runs/walks in this week - in fact I ended up resting three days this week. The workouts I did put in were good quality and I know that everything I do now will help me later!
Finally got past the migraine that held me back for too long. I've discovered that being without my Glucosamine for three weeks was not a good thing and am now faithfully back on it :)! I am very sore from the long walk this week and I don't much like that.
It was hit and miss in this area this week. Some days I did good and others it was just plain rotten. Just have to keep trying to do what I can here.
AM: Easy Run - Warm up walk, 2mi @ 14:34 per mi, cool down walk
PM: Pilates 20 Minute Circle Workout
AM: Easy Wog - .3mi warm up walk, 2mi @ 13:47 per mi, .46mi cool down walk
PM: Pilates 20 Minute Circle Workout
I'm at that place where my mind wants to do more than my body is capable of right now. I wasn't able to run a full mile today - my calves were a little tighter than usual and it was hot outside. I did Pilates this evening and I had forgotten how difficult this workout can be when you're out of practice. I'll be feeling this one later!
AM: Elliptical - 3mi no target
PM: P90X AbRipperX
Still fighting the migraine today and felt it was smarter to not push today and use it as a rest day instead.
AM: Tempo Run - Warm up walk, 1mi warm up jog no target, 4mi @ 13:04per mi, 1mi cool down jog no target, cool down walk
PM: Bike - 15mi, 1hr, 14.8mph avg, resistance level 2
Still not feeling 100%, but starting to do better. I set out for my 25 mile bike ride tonight, but it just wasn't going to happen so I stopped at 15 instead.
AM: Walk - 4mi no target
PM: P90X Shoulders & Arms
PM: Bike 15mi, 54mins, 16.6mph avg, resistance level 3
Got a good 15mi in on the bike tonight. Been feeling a bit drained and the joints are sore - need to get the Glucosamine back in my system.
AM: Bike - 25mi no target
Okay, I wimped out tonight. I decided to skip the workout altogether. Hope it helps on the long run tomorrow.
AM: Long Run - Warm up walk no target, 12mi @ 14:22 per mi, cool down walk no target.
AM: 12.28mi, .24mi warm up walk, 12mi @ 15:42 per mi, .04mi cool down walk
Well, I'm not a runner today - I'm a slow walker. It was 97 degrees with 29% humidity. I just didn't have the running in my system today. At least I got the mileage in though!
Thank goodness for a rest day. My hips were so bad that I could barely walk last night. Doing much better today though. Still pretty sore from the 12 miles yesterday. Hope that getting out tomorrow will help the soreness fade some.

That's a wrap for this week. Be on the lookout for the Dopey Training Preview post for next week's plan!


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