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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The new A/C has been installed and the house is back to it's normal 80 degrees....The dogs are happy, the bird is happy and I'm happy.

Now all I want to do is sleep...It's been a long few nights on the couch and I am definitely feeling the exhaustion from the heat.

Here's to some great workouts to come this week now that the house is back in order :)!


Richard said...

Summer in the south without A/C...I've been there and it is no fun, and potentially unsafe. I'm glad you are finally back in the cooler side of things, hopefully you can renormalize over the next day or two.

Justin said...

Gotta love the deep freeze.

Rae! said...


-Chris said...

Awesome news, Amanda ! Glad you're back to a normal temperature :)

Matt said...

Yay! Glad things are getting back to normal!

Princess Fee said...

Phew - I don't know how you could survive there without the A/C. So happy for you that it's back on!!! That will help you get proper rest, and ready to GO!

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