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Thursday, July 29, 2010

2011 WDW Marathon Medal Revealed

Did you vote?

Did your favorite medal win?

There were over 50,000 votes cast, and today the 2011 WDW Marathon medal winner was revealed! There's a nice large photo on the Disney Parks Blog:
2011 WDW Mickey Marathon Medal

Check out the winning medal and more event information here:
WDW Marathon Weekend Events

The Full Marathon is at 55% capacity
The Half Marathon is at 75% capacity
The Goofy Challenge is at 60% capacity
No percentages listed for the 5K or Kids' Challenges


-Chris said...

It's funny, but even though we live out in the country (when I say it's "dark" at 4:30 am when I run everyday, I mean it is DARK), but the only critters I have seen in all this time are deer and a few possums. The deer have come out of the woods within 5 feet of me, and they've nearly put me into cardiac arrest. If I die on the run, it will be from some little Bambi-like doe stepping in front of me and causing the old ticker to just stop !

Richard said...

I didn't vote because I kind of liked them all a bit, and I can't say for sure right now that I'll be doing the marathon either just yet as my triathlon doesn't want me doing anything that long after I start my official IM training on January 1.

In any case I hope you like it, as you'll be getting one!

Justin said...

Nothing, or anybody, I ever vote for wins. I'm like a walking curse upon the earth. My Mickey Medal is my least favorite from January. Maybe this one will look better in person. Otherwise I hope someone just sticks it in my eye. ;-)

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