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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Would You Consider?

In my continual search for a full marathon to try out before the Goofy in January I ran (no pun intended) across one today that sounds amazing, but may be too challenging.

The event - The Grand Canyon Marathon.  Yep, the first half of the race runs along the rim of the Grand Canyon and the rest through pine forest areas (no these aren't the same forests that the rest of the country have, but for AZ they are pretty nice).  There isn't too much elevation gain so that's a plus.

The race takes place on November 6th.  I rearranged my workout schedule last week and planned on doing a trial 26.2 around home October 30th.  I think the timing is about right.  For those of you doing the Goofy or considering it - is this too late for recovery for January?

The second concern I have is the altitude.  The altitude is way higher than where I live and I know that will make it more challenging.

I have the Disneyland Half in September, the Wine and Dine Half in October and then this would be in Novemenber...Too aggressive?

It will be a small race - no more than 300 participants.  They also have a half marathon.  With a race this small will I have enough motivation to do it own my own with no one around me?

I'm very nervous to try a full marathon before Goofy.  What if I find out I can't do it?  What if I hate it?  Will I be able to make it through in January if I find these things out?

So, if you were me - would you try it or wait and try to find something closer to home?


Rae! said...

Yes a full marathon that late and that close to marathon weekend may back fire. Why? I could not get my legs to even do 2.5 in Feb. of this year. It was March when my legs finally let go so I could run again. I think, if you put in the training time and mileage you will be fine. You have these other races, to keep you in tune.
I am like you this will be the first time doing this kinda of race. Back to back half and full.
At least I know I can walk the marathon.Even a slower pace.:)

I would not do a full that close to the marathon weekend. Try getting in some longer miles so you can see how your legs are going to do before deciding on what you want to do. Recovery is so important.

Albert said...

I think you could do it if you train well. I know some people that do a marathon a month and they're fine. I'm doing Chicago on 10/10 and then Disney. A little bit more spread out than yours would be but I still think you'd have time to recover and then you'd already be in marathon shape so minimal training would be needed. I say go for it.

Megan said...

That sounds fun! Do they have a half associated with it? I may have to check it out. I loved it when I was there in June.

Richard said...

I think you could do it just fine, if you (1) are properly prepared and (2) run at a training pace and not at a racing pace for that marathon. Last year I did the San Antonio Rock n Roll marathon in mid-November as part of my training for this January's Goofy. That said, I still believe that you do not have to do a marathon before Goofy in order to properly finish Goofy.
Good luck either way you decide.

sambycat said...

i'm concerned about potential wardrobe choices for you darling....

Jeff W. said...

I'm going to fall in with Richard here but I want to add one thing to consider. Disney offers up that 16min minimum pace which many other events are not so gracious with. Dam to Dam suggests that running should be able to maintain a 12min pace. Look into the pace details for Grand Canyon and then assess your pace against that. Also consider how your body handles recovery. You might also want to review some marathon training schedules to see when they suggest tapering back on your milage prior to an event such as a marathon. Keep in mind that you'll be competing in back to back long runs in January. Mostly just listen to your body.

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