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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Next Training Tool - Proform 1050E

I'm super excited...I ordered my new elliptical today. Another Proform - this one doesn't have the iFit Live, but it does have the iFit Workout Cards. You can download workouts and put them on a compatible SD card...You can also purchase iFit Workout Cards.

I decided that I wasn't looking for mapping courses on the elliptical - it just doesn't make as much sense as having it on the treadmill. I am looking forward to the ability to add additional workout routines though.

I was really set on the Proform elliptical that I tried at Dick's Sporting Goods. I loved the feel of the machine and it really had the features I was looking for. I was very excited when I found out that the one on the Proform site is the same machine only it is under a different model number. The good thing with ordering from Proform - I found a $50 off coupon, free shipping, and I got the warranty upgraded from 3 years to 5 years for an extra $30 (same deal I got on the treadmill). Dick's would have cost $150 shipping, and more for the warranty so I am pretty happy with the deal I got.

Here are some of the specs on this machine:
10 - 40 degree power ramp - this is one of the largest ranges for a power ramp that I've found. This should be great for targeting different muscle groups.

19 - 24 inch adjustable stride that can be repositioned for a more comfortable stride.

Oversized cushioned pedals - these are awesome and I found I didn't have to worry about feeling like I'd step off the pedals.

20 resistance levels

In handle controls for ramp incline and resistance levels

I should have it here in 7 to 10 days and then the home gym collection will be complete...Well, at least I'll have all the equipment I used to use at the gym in the convenience of my own home :).


Richard said...

That sounds awesome, and a good deal, too!
Can you create you own workouts for an SD card, or can you only download prepared workouts?

I wish you many years of happy and healthy use!

Rae! said...

Great deal! I wish I had the room for one.
It's getting warm here. How about there?

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