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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dopey Training Review - Week #14

Dopey Training Review - Week #14
I finally feel ready to put the work in mentally. It's taken longer than I wanted, but I'm there and that means I can do whatever I want. Now I just got to get my mind and body to work together.
I've got that workout sore going on this week. That's not a bad thing - in fact, it feels great to be sore for the right reasons for a change. My body reminded me this week just how much I've let myself go and how much fitness I've lost. This helped kick my mind in gear this week and hopefully I can keep this motivation going.
I've decided to try a new tactic here. I'm going to give myself one day a way to help get rid of the cravings. The other six days of the week I'll try to stay between 1200-1600 calories. I've done it this week and it felt good. I had to catch myself a couple of times when I went to stress eat, but I stopped myself and realized what I was doing so that's a step in the right direction!
AM: Easy Run - Warm up walk no target, 3 miles @ 14:34 per mile, cool down walk no target.
PM: Treadmill Wog 1.65mi @ 15 mins per mile
This was just not a good day for me - had a pretty good migraine and wasn't feeling good. I got very discouraged on the treadmill tonight. I couldn't get my calves to loosen up at all. It was just bad all the way around. I'm also extremely sore from moving the elliptical in to the workout room - this was not an easy thing to do.
AM: Walk - 4 miles no target.
PM: Treadmill walk 4 miles @ 15:50 per mile
Bike - 10 miles, 16.1mph avg, 37 minutes, resistance level 3
Much better day today. Had a good walk on the treadmill and a nice ride on the bike. I am out of shape, but every step I take now is getting me that much closer to my goals and that Goofy medal! I signed up for the Women's Half Marathon in November. Three half marathons in three months then the Goofy. I sure hope I can actually do this!
AM: Speed Run - Warm up walk no target, 1 mile warm up jog no target, 2 miles @ 12:13 per mile, 1 mile cool down jog no target, cool down walk no target.
Today was just a tired day. I felt like I could fall asleep all day. No workout.
AM: Easy Run - Warm up walk no target, 2 miles @ 14:34 per mile, cool down walk no target.
PM: Bike - 20 miles no target
PM: Easy Run - .16mi warm up, 2mi @ 12:48 per mile, .44mi cool down
Bike - 20 miles, 1hr 15mins, 15.8mph avg, resistance level 3
Took the grils out for a two miler tonight. Maintained a faster pace than I intended and let me tell you I was paying for it by the end. I can't believe how slow I've gotten. Hauling all this extra weight around sure isn't helping me any. After my run I had dinner then jumped on the bike for a 20 miler. Let me tell you my legs were jelly at the end of this, but boy did it feel good to do it. I'm doing pretty good on the food front right now too. I think I'm actually getting back on track.
AM: Elliptical - 4 miles no target.
PM: Elliptical - 1.18 miles, 30 minutes, resistance 1, ramp 10, 20, 30, 40, 10
Wow - it's been a long time since I've been on the elliptical. 30 minutes just about killed me - especially since my legs are sore from yesterday. Regardless at least I did something. I did revise my elliptical plans to lower the mileage - let's be real, it's going to take me some time to get back to 4 miles on the elliptical.
AM: Easy Run - Warm up walk no target, 7 miles @ 14:34 per mile, cool down walk no target.
No idea why, but I didn't feel like doing my long run today. So, I didn't. Today was craving day so I had some carrot cake. Back on track tomorrow.
AM: Long Run - .29mi warmup, 4.98mi @ 13:22 per mile, 2.28mi @ 15:23 per mile
Since I didn't get out for my long run yesterday I headed out today. Within half a mile I knew it was going to be tough to get seven miles in. I did a five mile wog - yes, wog. Headed back to the house, got the girls and went back out to finish the last two miles. It wasn't a super shining moment for me today, but at least I got the mileage in. It's been a good week overall and I want to keep the momentum going!

That's a wrap for this week. Be on the lookout for the Dopey Training Preview post for next week!


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