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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dopey Training Review - Week #13

Dopey Training Review - Week #13
Some good and some bad this week. Felt good to get moving, but I didn't do it enough. Fell short on where I wanted to be this week. Just need to keep plugging along.
I am sore and it's not from working out. Moving these darn exercise machines around my house is not an easy task. Next house - no crazy hallway angles. I'll need to work on doing better this next week.
I really can't get much worse here. I'm really going to try to do better.
AM: Easy Run - Warm up walk no target, 2 miles @ 14:34 per mile, cool down walk no target.
PM: Treadmill 2.26 miles, weight loss level 6 workout 2, 20 minutes, 16 minutes per mile
I had hoped to do more today but I did what I could. Not so good on the eating front today. The elliptical was delivered today.
AM: Walk - 4 miles no target.
PM: Pilates 20 minute ab sculpting
PM: Treamill walk 4.22 miles @ 16:06 per mile
Good walk on the mill tonight. Felt pretty good, but I was a bit tired at the end of the workout. Not good on the eating again today.
AM: Tempo Run - Warm up walk no target, 1 mile warm up jog no target, 3 miles @ 12:57 per mile, 1 mile cool down jog no target, cool down walk no target.
PM: Pilates 20 Minute Workout
PM: Treadmill walk 2.01 miles @ 15:55 per mile.
I started out to do my tempo run, but my legs were so tight it was hard to even walk. I just didn't feel good so I didn't push tonight. I need to work on being able to run/walk at night after sitting at a desk all day.
AM: Easy Run - Warm up walk no target, 2 miles @ 14:34 per mile, cool down walk no target.
PM: Bike - 15 miles no target
No workout - unless you count putting the elliptical together. The only thing I can see that I don't like is that it doesn't show distance in miles only in revolutions. I'll have to figure out distance by taking feet per mile 5280 times 12 to get 63360 inches per mile, divided by 19 (shortest stride on the elliptical) times 2 (one revolution) - then I'll round up and say that 1700 revolutions equals a mile...I think that will work. Of course I still have to figure out how to get this thing in the workout room.
AM: Elliptical - 4 miles no target.
No workout again today. Went to packet pickup to get my race packet for tomorrow's race. Too bad the shirt isn't even going to come close to fitting me. Ah how I've fallen in a year's time...
AM: Pat's Run - 4.2 miles no target (probably walk this with my friend).
AM: Walk 6.24 miles, 1.05 miles to the race start, 4.17 mile race course 16.22 per mile, .98 miles back to the car.
It was Pat's Run or in this case walk. I stayed with my friend today and it was all about walking today...and not even walking fast. I felt a bit unfulfilled after the race because I would have liked to be out there running instead of walking, but sometimes I like to stay with my friend instead of leaving her to do it alone.
AM: Long Run - Warm up walk no target, 7 miles @ 14:34 per mile, cool down walk no target.
AM: Walk 2.42 miles @ 15:34 per mile
Took my dogs out for a walk this morning instead of trying to do the long run. My entire body is aching from taking the elliptical apart and forcing it in to workout room. It was a good walk and the pups really needed to get out and have some fun. I'm a little disappointed with myself for not running, but sometimes you have to not push...Seems to be my motto lately huh? Need to work on that.

That's a wrap for this week. Be on the lookout for the Dopey Training Preview post for next week's plan!


Richard said...

It looks to me like your workouts are starting to come together. Sure, they're not perfect right now, but "perfect" rarely happens because of life getting in the way. Once you get past getting everything set up and ready, you'll find that you have a much easier time getting back on plan.

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