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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dopey Training Review - Week #8

Dopey Training Review - Week #8
I'm in a super slump right now. Slump, nah, more like the grand canyon of slumps. My heart and mind just aren't in a good place right now. I'll get over it, it'll just take time to get to where I want to go. Time's a wasting though - better snap out of it soon.
My legs were pretty much recovered by Wednesday. Too bad I then got a stomach bug of some sort that has put me out of commission since. Not a good health week.
I didn't make one good choice this week. Between recovery and illness I did whatever I felt would ease my mind and body - yeah, like food can do that.
AM: Walk - 3 miles, no pace target
This was wishful thinking. My quads were shot, my hips still hurt and I've got an ache in my back. The joys of after a tough a race I guess.
AM: Walk - 4 miles, no pace target
PM: Pilates 20 Minute Ab Sculpting
Still trying to recover. My hips feel pretty good today, but my quads are really sore. It's funny how the aches change location from day to day. I am starting to feel pretty good in the leg department, but didn't feel up to miles today.
AM: Walk - 3 miles, no pace target
The stomach bug has bitten me and it's not very friendly. I am feeling rotten. Left work early and just feel completely drained.
AM: Easy Run - Warm up walk, 3 miles @ 14:48 per mile, cool down walk
PM: Pilates 20 Minute Circle Workout
Still pretty sick today. I stayed home and worked from home today. Still super tired and sour, sore stomach. Tried to get some painting done and had to stop as soon as I started - racing heart and instant sweat. Guess I'm not quite well yet.
AM: Bike - 10 miles, no pace target
PM: Pilates 20 Minute Power Sculpting with Resistance Band
Back to work, but still not feeling very good. My stomach is still sensitive and I have a great headache to go with it. Put the first coat of paint on the walls in the workout room - painting will be done this weekend.
AM: Walk - 4 miles, no pace target
Finished painting the workout room. That's about it. Still not feeling good, not sure about the race tomorrow.
AM: St. Patty's Day 8K
Feel really guilty because I skipped the race today. I'm just not feeling well yet, have a ton of stuff to get done around the house and the thought of running today wasn't appealing at all. I hate wasting a registration, but I think it was the right choice. Had to spray weeds in the front yard today - they're taking over the world. Tried for hours to get the treadmill in to the workout room - no luck...Going to have to try putting it together first and then move it. My back is very sore - I know it's the extra weight I'm carrying and the painting and hauling furniture around - am I whining enough yet?

That's a wrap for this week. Be on the lookout for the Dopey Training Preview post for next week.


Richard said...

I know it's tough to go through down periods, but you'll pull out of it. You sound how I felt for about 4-5 weeks in late January and early February. As bad as you've felt at times, I'd think you should just worry about recovering your health before pushing your training too hard.

If I find anything to motivate you from here, I'll send it your way.

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