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Monday, March 29, 2010

Been Awhile....

I realize that I haven't done any real posting in a while. It's been kind of crazy lately and I wasn't sure what I wanted to say.

If you've been reading my Previews/Reviews you've probably gotten sick of hearing my whine. I know I have. My health and training are just not good right now, but I'm working on it.

I have booked my hotel and air for the Disneyland Half Marathon. A four day trip. Won't have a lot of time, but I'm really looking forward to it.

I have also booked my hotel and air for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon trip. Another short trip. Again, I am really looking forward to this one too.

Now I just need to get my fitness back on track so I don't suffer during these darn races.

I also booked a package for the January trip. I really wanted to do a monorail resort, but just couldn't justify the cost right now, so for now, I'll be back at Port Orleans French Quarter. If I can manage to upgrade later I will, but I wanted something on the books so that I would have an idea of what I'll be spending.

Last week was a travel week for work. I was back in New Jersey. I got a couple of workouts in before my back got worse again. Trying to add miles back in again this week.

Seems that nothing is easy right now. I've gained so much weight I'm very uncomfortable, but I just can't get the right combination of mental/physical aspects to gel right now. I'll get there. I have to get there.

Work has settled down a little bit and getting to work with some of my team members in person last week was great. I finally feel more like I'm part of the team and I hope they feel the same way.

That's it for now, just wanted to give some more information other than my failures as of late :)!

It's been kind of quiet on the Team Voice front lately - how are you doing with your goals?


Richard said...

It's good to hear that work is settling down some for you. That's to important a part of life to have out of whack without affecting other parts of your life. I'm impressed to see you've booked for the DL and WDW races. I can't focus beyond April right now. The rest of your life will come around, too, in it's own time.

My Team Voice goals...after issues from mid-January through mid-February things settled down for me (at least until I tanked this past week!). Even so, I have put up big bike and swim miles this month while doing just enough running to allow a sore knee to heal and still maintain my running fitness. This means I am getting those "Running to Disney" miles in. I'm also down a few pounds this month--more than January and February combined (that sounds more impressive than it really is). I'm starting to feel confident about my late April tri coming up.

DebWDW said...

Hey Amanda, I'm in a similar boat! More weight than I want, and not in a workout routine.

Maybe we can buddy up and keep each other on track by texting or emailing each other daily. Let me know if you want to try it! You probably have my phone number from January, text me. Or my email is at the top of my blog, email me. Or we can Facebook if that's easier. I'm game to try anything at the moment!!!

sambycat said...

ok all i have to say is, when you do the DL half, please bring alot of clothing options. JUST IN CASE!! trace and i dissapointingly 99.9999% won't be doing it, given i havent moved yet, he is unemployed and we have the 80 million dollar wedding to pay for. sigh. oh and i cant run. well, i did finish week 3, couch to 5k today - woot!!! - but keep on keepin' on, sister!!! you are inspiring me!! :)

Amanda said...

DebWDW - thanks so much. I'll probably be counting on you to keep me honest at some point :)

sambycat - I promise to bring lots of gear to DL...Though I doubt I'll need layers in CA :). Sad that you and Trace won't be able to make it, I'll miss you guys.

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