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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who Me Nervous?

So, one of my co-workers thought it would be nice to remind me today that I have about 11 days until my next half marathon....Wasn't that thoughtful?

The nerves have kicked in. I've gained weight this month, I haven't run in a couple of weeks and my confidence is not where it should be. What was I thinking when I signed up for this race that is uphill for the first half of the race?

That being said, I'm also excited to try this distance somewhere other than Disney. I'm going to treat it as a training run and really just try to enjoy the experience. I'm pretty sure I can finish, not sure that I'll get a medal and doubt that I'll PR, but maybe I can just have fun. If I have fun it will be a success.

I did put in 26.2 miles on the bike this evening...Yep, my first full marathon...Many more to come (in other disciplines too) I hope :)!


-Chris in Georgia said...

Definitely treat the half as a training run, and I bet you'll be surprised that you haven't lost much at all. Go conservatively (good philosophy in life, actually) and just get it done. The confidence boost will do you more good than the miles will.

Run long.

Richard said...

Go do it, and try to have a good time and enjoy the experience. Regardless of how you do it will provide valuable training and race experience for you.

I have done enough races now that you would think that I would not get that nervous feeling before them, but I still do.

Running Diva Mom said...

Congrats on the ride!!

Rae! said...

Nice mileage on the bike. Do not stress over the half, just remember it's a training run and it's your weekly long distance one.
You will be fine,besides it will not be 28 and snow flurries. :)

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