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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Treadmill On Order

Well, I did it. I have ordered myself a treadmill. Man, that is a sentence I never thought I'd type or say. Who am I anyway?

Here are some details:
-Proform Power 995
-Adjustable deck absorption
-Spacesaver design
-Built in fan
-3.5 CHP Motor (continuous duty)
-20x60 deck
-iFit Live Module - this allows workout downloads, Google Maps Course
creation & use, goal & activity tracking, WiFi connectivity (service
costs $9.95 per month)
-MP3 dock with built in speakers
-Lots of built in programs
-Workout Intensity Control
-0 - 12% incline (would have liked 15%, but who am I kidding, 12
should be fine)
-1-12 mph quick speed
-350 lb weight capacity
-Lifetime frame warranty, 25 yr motor warranty, 1 yr parts & labor
(comes standard)

I purchased a three year extended warranty to get the iFit Live module free. Warranty cost $160 - iFit Live module costs $399 on its own. Then I was able to upgrade to a five year warranty for an additional $30 and it includes coverage for all parts and labor for five years
(in home labor is part of this coverage).

It should ship in 7 - 10 days.

I am super excited. While I love running outside, this will give me more options & hills & courses. I've been a little bored with my routine running locations so I'm super excited to try the Google Maps courses. You can also hook up an iPhone or laptop & view the course in satellite, street or map view while you run - so cool!

I'm sure I rambled enough about this now, but if you have any specific questions let me know!


Richard said...

Very cool sounding treadmill--and a sweet deal on the iFit module with the warranty. I have been intrigued by the Google Maps course feature and look forward to your future reports.

Matt said...

Sounds awesome! I hate dreadmills, but I would run on something like that. Congrats!

Rae! said...


Chris said...

Treadmills are a love hate thing for sure. Love how cool they look, the gadgets, but hate to be forced inside by weather to use them. :-) Sounds like a great unit as well. I'd agree with you on the extended warrantee thing. I have never been one to purchase them, but with the usage of our exercise equipment and relative cost to replace this stuff...it's probably worth it to have that piece of mind.

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