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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lost Dutchman 8K Trail Walk

Today was the day for the Lost Dutchman events. This includes and 2 mile fun run, 5K, 8K Trail, 10K, Half Marathon and Full Marathon. If you've ever thought about traveling to Arizona for a race I can recommend these events. It's held in Apache Junction - which really doesn't hold any appeal, but the scenery is lovely :). This year marked the ninth annual running of these events - as you can guess nine years has really worked the kinks out. Things are well organized and they finally went back to chip timing this year which was a big plus. They changed the Half and Full courses this year so there really aren't any hills and the Full is a Boston Qualifier for those of you fast enough!

I headed out to pick up my friend at 5:55am this morning and we were shortly on our way. It took about half an hour to head to the rodeo grounds and we parked. They have buses available to all runners to take you to the start line for all races except the Full (the Full starts in a different location) or you can walk over. We decided to walk as it's only about .75 miles and it's a good way to warm up and kill a little time.

As we waited to get started we chatted with a nice lady from Ohio who was running her first race - the 2 mile fun run while her husband was running the Full. She was nervous and hasn't run more than 1.5 miles, but I have no doubt she did just fine.

The National Anthem was sung and the Half marathoners were on their way. Time for us to line up and get ready to go. We were to start at 7:45am and let me tell you they start on time for these races - I love that!

My friend hasn't run in quite a while and when she was running it was hard for her as she can't get her breathing going right so I knew we'd be doing quite a bit of walking today.

There's the starting gun and we're off. We started off at a very slow jog which didn't last too long. This course is a trail run - which means lots of dirt, big rocks, sand and uneven paths. Now for me, this is not my favorite way to run. I'm always deathly afraid of hurting myself as I'm a bit of a klutz :).

It was a beautiful morning and beautiful weather for a walk in the desert. We did a few short jogs, but mostly kept it slow and steady. We were pretty far back in the pack this year, but it was good company and good fun.

Only the first 300 8K and 10K finishers get medals so we were out of luck this year, but that's okay. All Half and Full marathoners get medals though (in case you were wondering).

We finished in one hour and sixteen minutes which was faster than last year but still pretty darn slow.

After the race, all racers get free breakfast. There were Doritos, Fritos, Cheetos, granola, oranges, apples, bananas and mini breakfast burritos. They also had Clif sports drinks and water available. We grabbed some grub and sat down to eat. It was just right.

Another uneventful walk back out to the car and we were on our way. It was another great event and one I'm pretty sure I'll do again next year.


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