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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dopey Training Review - Week #5

Dopey Training Review - Week #5
Is it even fair to call this a training week? Nope. I really should just call it "self sabotage week" because that's what I've done all week long. Ridiculous crazy eating and no running. I am sure I've gained quite a bit of weight this week as all my clothes feel tight. To top it off I signed up for a half marathon in two weeks - what was I thinking. I really need to get back on track.

I'm taking a break from pulling up tile in the new workout room. I just couldn't leave it when I know I'll be removing at some point and I decided to do it before I put the paint on the walls and the machines in there. That's going to put me back a few days, but I'll be happier in the end. Unfortunately, the tile is not coming up cleanly (I put 1200 sq ft of tile in the house and I've removed about 800 sq ft so this is not something I haven't done before...). Guess I know what I'll be doing in the evenings this week :)!

Don't think I'm looking for pity - I totally take responsibility for the horrible way I've behaved this week. I am still trying to figure out why I do things like this. If I knew that I could prevent it from happening so often.
Monday threw me a migraine like I've never had before. One minute I was talking to a co-worker, I went to sit down and almost threw up and passed out from the pain in my head. I went home had dinner and went straight to bed. I've had a lot of migraines over the years, but never have I had one come on that fast or that strong. It has pretty much lasted all week on top of everything which hasn't helped my working out or my wanting to work out.

Well, I suck. I've done nothing but make bad choices. I take total responsibility for my bad actions. I'm going to keep working on it though.
AM: Easy Run - 5 miles @ 14:48 per mile
PM: P90X AbRipperX
Migraine sidelined all hopes of working out today.
AM: Bike - 15 miles, no pace target
PM: P90X Shoulders & Arms
PM: Bike - 15 miles, 57 minutes, 15.7mph average, resistance level 3
Still not feeling great today, but I did at least manage to get a bike ride in. I think this is going to work well for tiring my legs out before a long run - man 10 miles is just a good workout, but 15 miles has my legs feeling a little like jelly :)!
AM: Tempo - Warm up walk, 1 mile warm up run, 4 miles @ 13:29 per mile, 1 mile cool down run, cool down walk
PM: Pilates 20 Minute Power Sculpting Buns & Thighs with Resistance Band
PM: Bike - 12 miles, 56 minutes, 15.6mph average, resistance level 3
Still fighting this migraine and just not feeling great, but I got in 12 miles on the bike so at least that was something.
AM: Easy Run - Warm up walk, 4 miles @ 14:48 per mile, cool down walk
PM: P90X Core Synergistics
The only workout I got today was moving a 300 pound treadmill from my garage to my living room where it has to live unassembled until I get its new home all set up. Can't wait to try this thing out - it looks like it's going to be great!
AM: Walk - 3 miles no pace target
PM: P90X Legs & Back
Can you say lazy? Well, yes, that's me apparently. I didn't get out the door again tonight. It's just been one of those weeks and hopefully I can end it on a higher note than I've been having.
Long Run - Warm up walk, 9 miles @ 14:48 per mike, cool down walk
Should have run today. So ridiculous that I didn't get out there, but by the time I was ready it was pouring down rain and a couple hours until I was headed to a play.
Been working on the workout room today. I think it's the closest thing to a workout I've had since I dragged the treadmill in to the house. I had to empty the room of everything, patch holes in the walls and started pulling out the tile. I'm battered and bruised, but at least I did something today I guess!

That's a wrap for this week. Be on the lookout for the Dopey Training Preview post for a glimpse of next week's plans!


Richard said...

I've suffered numerous migraines over the years, but none that ever came on quite that fast.
You're being pretty hard on yourself, but it seems to me that you are still working on setting up a good training base and doing just fine at it. Remember all that work on the workout room is part of your investment in future training.

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