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Monday, February 1, 2010

Club 8 - January Update

What can I say about this one? Well, I lost 4.2 pounds for January. I didn't start keeping track until the week after I got back from WDW so I'm relatively okay with this number. I have a feeling my weight will continue to fluctuate as my exercise and diet readjusts throughout this DOPEY year :)!

I'm not going to let the numbers get me down as long as I continue to feel strong and can measure my fitness improving. Of course I'd like to weigh less. I know it will help my running, but it can't be the only thing I think about this year.

Hope everyone else is meeting or exceeding their goals!


candlerun (htabby) said...

You have a great attitude! Keep it up. :0)

For some reason (other than not running) I have had a tough time this past January also with the wt. But a pound is a pound right, and we have to see the positives in that. Focusing more on the fitness I think will get us both there. :0)

Chris said...

If you keep up your great attitude and the diligence you've already shown, you'll hit all those targets this year!

How's the treadmill hunt coming along?

Rae! said...

YAY!!! a little is better than none!!!

Richard said...

You did much better than I did, good work!

Justin said...

You're doing fine. I'm shooting for 4 to 8 lbs per month. As long as I'm in that range, I'm very happy.

4.2 is a very good number for January, especially for only tracking half the month.

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