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Thursday, January 21, 2010

What A Day In AZ!

Got up at 4am so I could put in an easy 4 mile run....Nope, it's a torrential rainstorm outside. Could have done my Arms/Shoulders workout, but I had a coughing fit and thought I was going to die. My abs are so sore that I can hardly move today. I've been very easily stretching them to work out the soreness, but coughing is impossibly painful.

The rain hasn't stopped all day and my backyard is a swimming pool. Tonight the wind kicked up so while I would have run in the rain, there was no way that I was running in the wind and rain.

So, today turned in to a rest day which is probably a good thing :)!


Rae! said...

The same storm that made DL close early??

Richard said...

That sounds like some storm! I hope you enjoyed your rest day, sometimes it's best just to go with the flow on those things.

I'm looking at all the events you are registered for already and feeling like a slug, since this is the first time in 2 years or more where I am not registered for something.

Chris said...

I believe it! I've got a lunch meeting with a ex-colleague (partner in an IT services provider now, good contact ;-)) on Monday and he's in Phoenix right now. He mentioned that it's possible that his flight out may get rained out. I'm like, whahuh? really? in Phoenix? It truely is the end of the world! LOL

It's all good, I'm sure the rain will pass and you'll get back out there. How's the treadmill search coming? I just bought a new one a few months back and did a little research if you need any opinions. We went with the Sole f65, very good warranty and ratings and has been great for us so far. :)

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