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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dopey Training Review - Week #1

Dopey Training Review - Week #1
Expect the format of these posts to change a bit as I figure out what works and what doesn't.

Not too bad this week. My determination is holding strong and that's helped me adapt and adjust to getting back in the swing of working out and putting in the miles.

So, it's been a little rough this week. AbRipperX kicked my abs bad! Today I can finally move without wincing. I've never had my abs hurt so badly in my life. It really hit home just how out of shape I let myself get. I'm going to fix that for sure! Running has steadily improved this week and today I felt almost bad to normal. I'm slow, but keeping comfortable has been a good move. Looking forward to next week and the next challenges.

Boy do I have a lot of work to do on this front. Seriously! I did manage to cook my meals all but one day this week - that's a big step in the right direction for me. I was shooting for 1200-1400 calories per day and if it wasn't for the peanut butter breakdown I had two days I would have done really well. Guess peanut butter is going to have to be on the only in the house on an occasional basis food...if it's here I'll eat it. I'll try to stay within the 1200 - 1400 calorie range again next week. I know when the mileage picks up more I'll need to adjust, but right now I need to get a few pounds off if I can and this should help. One thing that I did last year that just didn't work was adjusting my calories based on my calories burnt. I use Lose It and if I worked out I put the calories expended in and then it gave me permission to add calories. Not going to do this anymore as I think it didn't really help me in the long run, but we'll see what the scale says tomorrow!

PM: Easy Run - Warm up walk, 4 miles @ 14:48 per mile, cool down walk
PM: Easy Run - .21 mile warm up, 4 miles @ 12:27 per mile, .19 mile cool down (Total 4.40 miles)
Rough run, legs are feeling a little dead.
AM: Walk - 3 miles, no pace target
PM: AbRipperX
PM: Walk 3.34 miles @ 16:10 per mile/ AbRipperX
Walking in the rain, just walking in the rain...How out of shape can I be - let me just tell you - really out of shape.
AM: Tempo Run - Warm up walk, 1 mile warm up run, 3 miles @ 13:22 per mile, 1 mile cool down run, cool down walk
PM: Tempo Run - Warm up walk .27 miles, 1 mile warm up run, 3 miles @ 12:33 per mile, .92 mile cool down walk
Ran warm up mile too fast, had to take some walk breaks in the 3 mile tempo portion, cut 1 mile cool down run short and walked most of it. Time to try different shoes, these darn black shoes are not liking my feet and I want to evaluate a new pair before making an appt. with the Ortho Doc.
AM: Easy Run - Warm up walk, 4 miles @ 14:48 per mile, cool down walk
PM: P90X Shoulders & Arms
Well, today was a rest day...Weather was rainy, cold and windy and not conducive to me running outside. My right shin is also pretty sore today, feeling it with every step I take. Then I was going to do arms/shoulders, but I think I overdid AbRipperX because I can't cough without tears. Learning again that I have time and don't need to run a marathon today!
AM: Walk - 3 miles, no pace target
PM: Pilates 20 minute circle workout
PM: Completed Pilates 20 minute circle workout
It was pouring down rain again this morning and again tonight. No walking, but I did do the Pilates 20 minutes circle workout. My abs are still incredibly sore and makes me cringe every time I move.
Long Run - Warm up walk, 8 miles @ 14:48 per mike, cool down walk
PM: Walk 5.16 miles at 15:41 per mile
Change in plans. I decided to go for a nice long walk with the dogs today. It was a perfect day for a walk - cloudy, a little windy, some sun and a nice cool temperature. We did 5.16 miles and it felt really good. I wore an old pair of shoes and my feet didn't hurt at all. Looks like the black shoes are going to be gym shoes only from now on.
Walk - 2 miles no pace target
AM: Long - warm up walk .28 miles, 8 miles @ 12:50 per mile, cool down walk .32 miles
My allergies are driving me crazy today - sinus headache, drainage and stuffy nose...No matter I went out on my long run anyway! Today was the first day that my legs feel halfway normal. I wore the old shoes again and while my feet are a little sore - they feel so much better than when I use the black shoes. My left arch is a little tender and the top of my right foot, but other than that I feel pretty good. I managed to run the full 8 miles - that felt good. I didn't watch the time today, just let my body have its own pace. Over all a good way to end the week!

That's a wrap for this week. Be on the lookout for the Dopey Training Review post at the end of the week!


Chris said...

Great week! Keep it rollin'!

Matt said...

That's awesome! You're doing SOOOOOO much better than me!

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