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Monday, January 11, 2010

Am I Goofy?

No, I'm not Goofy...I'm Dopey! I am now registered for the WDW Family 5K and the WDW Goofy Race and a Half Challenge for 2011.

I head home from this year's trip on Wednesday and will have a trip report posted as soon as I can.


Chris said...

Ya know what, I might do the same thing....didn't even realize that registration was open already! LOL

What was your final time for the half? Did you make your PR? Make it out alive? Half-Frozen? LOL

Really great meeting you in person! Maybe next time we'll have more time to chat. Till then, we've all got alot of work to do with our Goofy-quest!

Matt said...

I think I'll do it too... I'm doing the Goofy, so I may do the 5k as well

Rae! said...

Ya know.....even Byron is on the Goofy kick.

Justin said...

Congratulations! You are in for one heck of a journey with your upcoming training. The Goofy scared the hell out of me all last year. Fear is a great motivator. Start running scared now and you'll do great.

Richard said...

Congratulattions on finishing the half this weekend. I'm so happy and proud for you for taking this on, you are going to love it! I just got home and can't wait to share my experience with Goofy as soon as I can get some rest.

Megan said...

Congrats! I'm not Goofy or Dopey, but I am Mickey. I will be training with Team in Training again for next year. I just spoke with my coordinator about mentoring for the fall season (since I will be running the Philadelphia Distance Run again in September). I will then fundraise and train with the winter season for the full! Nice meeting you this weekend. Maybe I'll find the funds to go to get a coast to coast medal this year, otherwise, I'll see you in a year!

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