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Sunday, January 17, 2010

2010 WDW Marathon Weekend Trip Report - January 9, 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The alarm went off at 2am and I got up, took a shower and started getting ready for the big race. I had a long sleeve tech shirt, knee length running tights, gloves and my normal running shoes and socks. I was watching the weather and it kept saying snow possible. At this point in time there really wasn't a lot I could do - I just wasn't prepared for this cold and even if I packed every piece of running gear I own it wouldn't have been enough. I was also afraid to buy a bunch of new gear - I didn't want ill fitting clothing to end up causing me more harm than good.

At 2:50am I headed out to catch the bus to Epcot. It was cold outside, but it didn't seem terrible yet. After about 10 minutes I got on the bus and at 3:05 we headed on our way. I was counting on the buses to run a little slower today, but we left pretty much on time and that meant we were there at about 3:15am. On the way the lady in front of me must have been nervous because she talked to the bus driver the whole way. I hope she finished okay because she said her normal runs were 3 to 4 miles and it was her first half marathon.

I knew I was in trouble immediately after I got off the bus - it was freezing. The walk to the family reunion area was pretty brutal and that was just the beginning. I talked to a guy from New York and even he was complaining about the cold. The CM kept telling people to walk towards the light -not in to the light, but towards it - too funny!

I saw Mike there as soon as I walked in and we just kept walking back and forth in order to try to stay warm. It was cold yes, but there was also a really strong wind that would just blow right through you. Slowly everyone started showing up - Deb, Jeff, Justin, Krystal, Rae, Eric, Aaron, Lisa and Trace. It was awesome having everyone there while we waited. I have to thank Lisa for trying to think of ways to keep me warm - I was pretty miserable, but it was my own fault and I knew I'd be fine once we started running.

As we waited, there were actually a few snowflakes that floated down. Mind you it was just a few, but that gives you an idea of just how cold it actually was. Before long it started to sleet, nothing serious at first, just annoying.

We all got ready to head to the corrals - the .6 mile walk. I was actually looking forward to it - the walk that is. As we neared the baggage claim it became clear that it was the only way through to the other side. This was poor planning and caused some congestion and frustration as we all trampled our way through. We trudged towards the corrals and it started to sleet in earnest - little ice pellets were pelting us and by this point I was pretty much frozen to the bone. I just wanted the race to start.

I was supposed to be in corral E, but I hung back with Jeff, Lisa, Trace and Aaron. The corrals were jam packed and would have been difficult to move forward so it was fine with me to stay put. I couldn't feel my fingers and we were standing off the pavement in some uneven ground which made me want to start even more. I couldn't hear the announcers or anything else going on, but I saw the hand-crank and wheelchair athletes start on the video screen, then fireworks and wave 1 was off and running. Now we just had to wait for our turn.

While waiting I pretty much made up my mind to just finish this race. I knew there was no way I would be getting a PR this time out. Finally it was our turn to start and the crowd began to move slowly forward to the start line. Since I was pretty stiff and cold it was tough going at first. Jeff and I ran with each other quietly at first.

Finally, Jeff said if I wanted to go ahead or we lost each other to keep going. Funny because I was getting ready to say the exact same thing. The first few miles are pretty uneventful and really it's so dark that you don't see a lot and you try very hard not to trip and fall on all the discarded clothes on the road. It was slow going the first few miles but I was comfortable and my joints were starting to loosen up and my hands started to get some feeling back. Much better.

We continue on - mile four, mile five and the Contemporary hill is there. We get ready to head in to the Magic Kingdom. We keep going. The energy is great - here we are, people lining Main Street in the rain, cheering us. I love this part! We keep going through the Magic Kingdom and along the way we see Louis, Prince Naveen, the Country Bears, the Royal Trumpeters, and Prince Charming. We're going through the castle. We continue on and reach backstage where the Pirates are there.

The run continues. I continue the running motion the whole time. I decide to just slow my pace as needed instead of walking because I know if I stop running I'll have trouble getting going again. My time is suffering and I'm so glad to have Jeff there running with me. He's keeping me going when I really just want to stop and I get tired. At a little past mile 8 I take a gel. I am still so cold that I can't even open the darn packet and the gel is almost solid - yuck! It helps, but I just feel like I don't have anything left in me.

Here comes mile nine and then we get to mile 10 - it's colder again, I've lost feeling in my hands. We only have a 5K to go - come on Jeff we can do this.

Mile 11 and the dreaded curve in to the overpass hill that killed me in the Princess Half. I keep trudging along and make it over and down. Jeff and I are still together as we hit mile 12 and get ready to enter Epcot.

This is where I lost Jeff. I felt so bad - I can't find him. I want to find him, but I can't stop now or I won't start again.. Rae hollers at me from the side - I wave, say hi and yell that Jeff is right behind me. I just keep going because it's the only thing I can do. I really want Jeff to cross the finish with me, but I still don't see him.

I keep going through Epcot and finally the exit out to the finishing stretch. There it is, the finish line is in sight. I can't pick up my pace, I just keep trudging along. As I hit the finish I get to high five Mickey! I cross the line in my worst time yet - 3:04. It's okay - weather and weight play a big part on my time today, but I finished.

I stay at the finish to wait for Jeff. I know he's not far behind me and I want to be there when he crosses the finish line. There he is. I give him a hug after he crosses the line and we head off to get our medals. I'm feeling okay at this point so I didn't even realize that I didn't grab a Mylar blanket - big mistake! We grab water and Power Ade then get in line for finisher photos. We take individual photos and one together. Jeff had to open my Power Ade for me as my hands were still so cold I couldn't even turn the cap.

We head in to the snack tent - I grabbed a banana, orange and a muffin and move on. We made a quick walk by the family reunion area to see if there were any Team Voice folks there, but there weren't so we were on our way. Jeff headed to the monorail and I headed toward the buses - I think.
There's a huge line for the buses - I get in it and I am starting to get even colder as my body cools down. It felt like I waited forever just to find out that we were being directed to the other bus lines in the back. I find the Port Orleans line and it's long - super long. I watch two buses load and pull out, and then a third and I'm not even close to the front yet. I start shivering so bad that I can't control it and my hands and feet are numb and starting to hurt at the same time. As I wait a very nice man in front of my from Virginia came around behind me and wrapped his Mylar blanket around me and told me that I need this way more than he did. I could not express enough gratitude and I certainly never would have told him that it wasn't helping, but it wasn't.

I finally boarded the bus and as soon as I sit down I realize there's no heat in this bus and it actually feels like air conditioning is on. An older gentleman sat next to me and he informed me that I didn't need to put any blue lipstick on because my lips were already blue. I felt bad as I sat there and shivered because I'm sure I was shaking the whole bus at that point.

Back at the resort and I headed straight to my room. It took me two baths, a hot shower and another bath to start feeling warmer. As my fingers un-thaw they hurt and then they start prickling and soon they are warm, but numb - I can't feel anything with them. After all the hot water I could take I curled up under the covers for about 40 minutes - all this time the heat is as high as it will go in the room.

I got up, got ready and headed out to the bus to go to the Magic Kingdom - it's 1pm. It's been a long day already. I was in the park and rode Pirates right away - there was no wait. As I came out I see Jeff, Connie and Mike and we head on Pirates again. After that it was time to head over to Aloha Isle for the Dole Whip Meet - yeah, no Dole Whip for me, it's still too cold. Bryan Ripper showed up - nice to finally meet him :)! We all chatted about the race and then it was time for the All About the Mouse Jungle Cruise Meet. It was a fun ride with a great captain!

Back on Pirates one more time and everyone started to head their separate ways. I went with Rae and Eric and we went in search of food. We headed to The Plaza - I had never eaten here before. I was starving as I hadn't had any real food since the day before and it was catching up with me. I had a turkey sandwich and fries and it was perfect!

After eating we met Byron for a couple of minutes and then we got to meet up with Matt! Rae, Eric, Matt and I headed to Monster's Inc Laugh Floor and I have to say it was one of the best shows I'd seen yet. Next we headed over to Philharmagic which is one of my favorite attractions - love it!

Rae and Eric needed to head out to rest up and get ready for the Full Marathon tomorrow - good luck guys! Matt and I headed to the monorail and made our way over to Epcot. Over to Mexico and the Tequila Bar to meet Jeff, Connie and Mike. We all chatted for a while and finally at 9;15pm it was time to head back to the resort.

I grabbed a quick snack and headed to my room. I was there by 9:47pm and finally at 11pm I had had enough and it was time for bed.

It was an interesting race experience today and one that I'm sure I won't forget anytime soon. While I failed to get under 2 hours and 30 minutes yet again, I finished with a great friend, had fun and got very motivated to train way harder for next year!

Memories of My Fourth Day
The weather today was super cold, sleet, snow and rain.

The best thing today was finishing my third half marathon and knowing that I can do the Goofy next year.

The worst thing today was being freezing cold through the whole race and afterwards.

The funniest thing today was the lady at Monster's Inc Laugh Floor sending her thoughts...Meebeepneebeeemeep...

Today I tried The Plaza restaurant and the result was the perfect meal after the race.

The most magical moment today was finishing the race, meeting new people and just enjoying everything.

WDW 1/2 Marathon


Matt said...


I have to say, that was the best, most awesome Laugh Floor I had ever seen! If only they were all like that!

It was SO nice to get to meet and spend some time with you! Hope we can do it again in October!

Chris said...

Great post. :-) You look like you're trying to hang yourself with the medal in the individual shot! So cold that you're like "I'm out!" Kidding of course, you're pics look great though, what's the secret?

Sorry we couldn't meet up with you guys over at MK that afternoon, we really wanted to spend some time at Epcot as we never get to explore world showcase with the kids. Funny you mention the frozen Dole Whip as that happened to us with a Margarita from Mexico! I had to breath on it till it melted. Unreal.

So, with all the cold, sleet, rain, and four baths/showers to thaw..What did you do? ...You jumped right on-line and signed up for the Goofy! You obviously caught the Disney Flu! LOL

Again, great to at least meet and chat with you this past trip. Now let's get down to business and get ourselves ready for the Goof! Well, yeah, and all those other races in-between. :-)

Rae! said...

I didn't realize how cold you were!!! I wish I knew I had my running pull over in the car that morning in case someone needed it. And then I had Jeff's sweat pants.
Eric had Aaron in the car warming up and if I saw you after the race, We would have had you sit in the car!!!! Holy Cats!!! I am sorry for not paying better attention.

I am soooo glad you made it!! And I love the pictures.

Richard said...

Great report! I knew I felt on the verge of hypothermia and you sound worse than I was. I shivered all the way back to the resort and I think my bus had heat.
In the end, I suppose all was OK and we have some stories to tell.

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