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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010 WDW Marathon Weekend Trip Report - January 10, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010 (This is a long one)

The alarm went off at 6am and I got up, cleaned up the room and wrote some in my journal. Then it was time for a shower and getting ready to head out. Today is the full marathon and I wanted to go be a spectator/cheerleader! I was texting Jeff to see what his plans are and we decided to try to catch Rae and Eric at the Magic Kingdom.

I headed out to catch the bus to Epcot at 7:27am. On the bus there were just a few people and one of the guys was tracking runners. The lead runner was so far already it was unbelievable. Then another lady asked if he could check her husband's time....Needless to say, he was booking - running 6:45 minute miles....Holy cow - that's crazy. Her response well he's right on track, he runs a lot and he does ultra-marathons....Okay, I don't care how much or how far you run - that's still impressive!

When I got off the bus at Epcot I was greeted with extremely bitter cold with a wind that cut right through your soul. It was definitely colder than yesterday, but I was still happy it wasn't raining! I walked straight to the monorail and on my way past the finish the first hand-crank woman athlete was coming across at 2 hours and 17 minutes. The lead male runner is at 25.5 miles. Wow!

I took the monorail to the TTC then transferred to the Magic Kingdom monorail. Jeff was stuck at the Contemporary waiting for a monorail and Rae and Eric were going to make it to the Magic Kingdom very soon. I didn't want to miss them so I ran down the monorail ramp and right in to Main Street. I only had a few minutes to spare so I cheered on other runners and then all of a sudden I saw Rae and Eric enter. I cheered as much as possible and told them to keep going they were doing great. I was rather energized by this first stop of being a spectator...

I should mention that I was feeling really good after the half yesterday. While I probably couldn't have done the full marathon, I really feel like I could have done another half marathon. Weird as I know how out of shape I am right now, but I think taking it easy on my body during the half because of the weather was the right move.

Jeff and Connie just missed Rae & Eric as they had some fun getting in to the Magic Kingdom. So, we all decided to head to Animal Kingdom to see if we could catch them there too. There weren't any buses running directly from the Magic Kingdom to Animal Kingdom so we had to take the ferry to the TTC to catch a bus. We kept track of Rae & Eric through runner tracking and Twitter. It was great to be so connected!

The bus ride to Animal Kingdom was pretty crowded but uneventful. We made it to the park and went to scope out a place to wait for Rae & Eric. We had a bit of time to wait and I have to say I love being a spectator. I love picking and choosing runners to give individual encouragement to - as a runner you can see when someone needs that little extra boost, that little umph to keep them going. It was so incredibly motivating to watch these people, some athletes, some normal folks, some people struggling, some cruising along, some limping along...I love this. I am getting more and more excited to get out on that course next year.

When we see Rae and Eric they look like they're still going strong and doing great. Got a couple more pictures of them and watched them keep on going along their way. Jeff, Connie and I decide to go and try to catch them at Hollywood Studios next.

Did I mention how cold it is? I kind of wished I was running to warm up, but I know they were all feeling this cold too. On the bus to the next park and we head in to stake out a place to wait for Rae and Eric. There are tons of runners coming through still and after two parks I recognize many of them and continue cheering them on.

Trace and Lisa are in the park as well and come to wait for Rae & Eric too. I have to pause here for a second...The course takes runners through Hollywood Studios - not off the beaten path, but right through traffic areas. They have yellow cones to define the course and then there are blue cones to indicate where it's okay for guests to cross the course. People are rude - that's all I can say - they really don't care about anyone else and I sat and watched people continually cut in front of runners without any regard. I could just see a runner getting tripped up by a stroller or guest that wasn't paying any attention. I do not think this was setup very well and they really should figure out a better path so that guests are less inconvenienced and runners stay safer.

Okay, as we were waiting for Rae & Eric I had a lady ask if I could take a picture. I went to take the picture and the camera was all in Japanese and I was stuck on a menu, but finally I was able to take her picture! We were waiting and waiting and I was starting to get really nervous because most of the people we'd seen at the other parks were already past us. Where are Rae & Eric.

All of a sudden there's a large group of runners coming at us and there are people on bikes and orange flags and mass confusion as they yell at the runners to get moving, you have to move faster, keep it up. Rae & Eric aren't in this group, but wait - they're right behind this group. What is happening.

Rae motions that they're done, they're being swept. Jeff and I keep yelling, you're not done, keep moving, get going, you can do this...We know they can do this. They keep going and Jeff and I are confused about what is going on. Are they swept or aren't they? What do we do. We follow them down and out of the park and they're still going. I'm almost in tears because they have to finish - they've worked too hard for this and I just know they can finish - they have to finish.

As we near the exit of the park there's a woman on the course that is just bawling as she realizes and is told that she's going to be swept. It hit me so hard. You could see the pain, frustration and disappointment right there on her face and I starting crying for her. There was nothing I could do to make it better for her and I sure wish I could have.

We exit the park and start heading to try to find the bus to Epcot. We still don't know what is going on and whether Rae & Eric are still going. Right there after the security check a runner was down. There are medics everywhere - at least five and three more were biking to her. This is super scary to see. You don't wish for anyone to get hurt doing this. I keep checking Twitter to see if there are any updates - nothing yet.

I send a direct message to Deb to let her know that Rae & Eric are almost to her at the Boardwalk and that she needs to keep them going. We head to wait for the bus and we just miss the bus to Epcot. The driver tells us another one will be here soon - soon is a relative term for sure.

We're still in the dark as to what is happening with Rae & Eric and finally I see a tweet that says Mile 24 we made it. Does that mean they're going to be able to finish, no more fear of being swept? We still don't know. Then I see a tweet from Deb - sweepers say everyone still going will finish. This thrills us as we at least know they're going to make it. The bus is still not here, still not here - we begin to panic that we won't make it to the finish line in time.

Finally, the bus is here and we board and the driver is nice enough to cram as many people on as he possibly can. We're on our way - are we going to make it in time to see Rae & Eric for the final stretch? Off the bus and I ran from the bus to the course, right before the finish stretch. I made it in plenty of time and here they come.

Oh my gosh - I cannot tell you how happy, proud and excited I am for them. They've done it, the finish is in sight and they look tired, but they're doing it. Right here, right now, they are finishing a full marathon! It's just awesome!!!!

Jeff, Connie and I go to meet up with them to congratulate them. They have their medals and snacks. Rae is looking really good...Eric is hurting bad. I feel for him as you could definitely see the pain. We walked with them to their car - Jeff went ahead to start the heat so they could warm up. We left them at their car and headed back to the merchandise tent to see if there were any products we wanted.

After hearing from Rae that they were headed back to the resort (good decision), the three of us headed in to Epcot. First stop, Sunshine Seasons to grab some food. Yeah - food, I hadn't eaten yet and I was hungry! Then we headed over to Living with the Land and then Honey I Shrunk the Audience.

A little after 4pm we said our goodbyes to head to our resorts to get ready for dinner. I stopped to get some water for later and headed back to my room for an hour or so. Just enough time to reflect on the day thus far. First thing I realize is just how much fun I had cheering on runners and soaking up the atmosphere. I am incredibly inspired by all the runners and walkers. It is at this point that I definitively decide that I'm taking on the Goofy next year!

I headed out to grab the bus to the Magic Kingdom. On the bus I got to talk to a couple that finished the marathon - his tenth and her first on her 45 birthday. See, more inspiration! I decide to take a little walk/jog around the lake to the end of the path towards the Grand Floridian. I decided it was time to grab a monorail to the Polynesian to meet up with Team Voice. It's a bit of a wait - we had a 6:40pm ADR and we weren't actually seated until 8pm. Wishes was just starting as we sat down. It was another great meal with super great company - O'Hana is a really good restaurant and especially with a group, good fun!

After dinner Jeff, Connie, Rae, Eric, Deb, Mike and I headed to the monorail to head to Extra Magic Hours at the Magic Kingdom. We all rode Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin and then we headed over to Space Mountain. Rae & Eric decided to wait for us and the rest of us headed on. The track seems smoother, it's much darker and overall the refurb seemed pretty good.

Rae & Eric decided it was time to head back to the resort to get some well deserved rest. Job well done guys! The rest of us headed over to Peter Pan and walked on. Then it was time for Haunted Mansion. This is where something pretty special happened!

We entered the stretching room and Mike stuck his head back in as we left so he could hear the gargoyles - which are awesome to hear by the way! We were all headed to the doom buggy's when Cast Member Kira asked us to follow her. What's going on? Basically, she explained that she didn't have anything to do right then so she was going to give us a tour of the stretching room - a private tour! It was amazing. She thought we'd appreciate it because we seemed like we were pretty in to the ride - understatement :)! We got to hear the gargoyles, see the portraits shrink back to size, learn where the door is and Kira was full of fun facts and information. Oh, and did I mention that she took us in to the stretching room through the VIP entrance (it's the door marked Servant's Quarters). It was completely amazing, an experience I will never forget and a truly magical moment for sure!

After our tour we rode the ride and then headed out for the night. Jeff & Mike stopped at City Hall to get an awesome Cast Member recognition card for Kira. We were all still totally blown away by this one.

I headed to the bus stop for the resort and waited in line just to find out that they changed the stop and this bus was going to Pop Century...Yikes, now I have to wait in another line. By the way, the CM's up front actually told the lady next to me the same bus stop that I was at, I heard that and headed straight there. Thankfully, I did get on the next bus to the resort, but it was standing room only. We were all chatting though so it wasn't so bad.

All of a sudden, Sweet Caroline came on the speakers and someone decided to start a sing a long. Yes, you heard me, the whole bus started singing Sweet Caroline. I have to say it was super humorous and it did put everyone in a better mood!

I got back to my room at 11:47pm. I checked my email, updated my PassPorter and then it was time for bed.

Memories of My Fifth Day
The weather today was so cold with a bitter cold wind.

The best thing today was being a marathon spectator, Rae & Eric finishing the full marathon and getting a private Haunted Mansion stretching room tour from CM Kira.

The worst thing today was the cold that goes right through to your bones.

The funniest thing today was all the guests on the bus from the Magic Kingdom to Port Orleans singing Sweet Caroline.

Today I tried being a marathon spectator and the result was a fun, inspiring, motivating, emotional roller coaster!

The most magical moment today was watching Rae & Eric finish their first full marathon!!!


Richard said...

I already knew many of the Rae and Eric details, and yet I still had goose bumps reading it again here! I find their determination inspiring.

I figure I was about 90 minutes ahead of them between my finish time and my corral start, so I probably headed back to the hotel because of the cold not long before you guys were coming to the finish area. Maybe next year I'll get more in the communication loop. It was tough trying to see friends and doing a family vacation at the same time[next year no kids will be coming along!!]

Last weekend I got to spectate at the Houston Marathon and it was amazing how you could recognize the same people later in the race as you cheered them on. Due to a scheduling conflict in Houston next year, the Disney and Houston will be several weeks apart and I might get to do both for a change.

Rae! said...

It's so neat to read the other side of the story. I forgot to tweet from 21-24 I was just in mode to finish. I should have not took that last potty break. I should have tried going before we entered AK. Eric did. I waited way to long and that is what put us under the clock!
I can't wait to do it again! 2011! As long as the Goofy is open by the end of next month, I will be right there with you!!

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